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Madhur Agarwal


Hard to find such doctors who are ready to listen to the patient and genuinely care about them. I give full stars to these guys!

Nitya Chaudhary


I was very embarrassed to do this Doctor consultation. How can one discuss personal problems so easily? But when i talked to the Doctor, it felt as if i was talking to a friend!

Arnav Soni


Some Doctors after listening to a few minutes start giving out medicines. But the Doctor i had for my consultation made sure that he listened to me first, know about the symptoms and then recommend to me the necessary lifestyle changes.

Prabodh Suri


I was scared to do this consultation because i had done this before and it was a bad experience. But honestly speaking at such an affordable price, i really got a good service without any hassles...

Sexologist in Andhra Pradesh

Although people consider talking about sex as a taboo, seeking help when required is essential in leading a satisfactory life. With the increased awareness, a mindset shift is beginning to take place. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to get optimum medical care for your health concerns, especially for troubles with your sexual health. You can search for the best sexologist hospitals in Andhra Pradesh and read customer reviews online to get an idea of the practice to find the right sexologist for you. Another easy way to find the best sexologist in Andhra Pradesh is to book an appointment through websites like LivLong.

sexologist in Andhra-Pradesh FAQs

Sexologist doctors are medical professionals with expertise in sexology—the science of human sexuality, including sexual interests, behaviours, and functions. Sexologists help in preventing, diagnosing, and treating sexual disorders of the reproductive system in humans. The best sexologists in Andhra Pradesh have the knowledge and equipment to treat sexual ailments, including erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate. There is also a sub-discipline of sexology—sex therapy—that helps individuals and couples to address problems in their sex lives and improve their overall health and well-being.

To find the top sexologist in Andhra Pradesh, you can either research online on websites like LivLong or ask around in your circle for recommendations. The advanced technology also enables people to consult with sexologists from the comfort of their home. You can book a sexologist consultation on the LivLong website from a list of doctors at about INR 699.

By booking an online appointment, you can consult the best sexologist doctors in Andhra Pradesh or anywhere in India. Simply select the right doctor from the list provided on the LivLong website or app and book a time slot convenient for you from the available options. People often don’t feel comfortable enough to seek help in sexual troubles, but it is best that you provide the right care to your body. Online consultations make it comparatively easy for people to get optimum medical care.

Clinical sexologists treat diseases related to sexual health of a person, including the following: a. Erectile dysfunction b. Premature ejaculation c. Infertility in males and females d. Low sex drive e. Genital warts f. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) g. Low libido

Procreation or sex is a major part of any human’s life and is essential in improving the overall health and well-being of a person. People often ignore this aspect of their lives due to the fear of social embarrassment. However, if a person is having sexual problems, they might have difficulty in maintaining a healthy relationship with their partner and may end up dissatisfied and/or stressed in their own lives. Thus, it is important to discuss any issue with a medical professional who can provide the right guidance.

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