Data Collection Notice

Livlong Protection & Wellness Solutions Limited (hereinafter referred as “LPWSL” or “We” or “Our” or “Us”) respects the privacy of all persons (hereinafter referred to as “You” or ”Your” or ”User”) availing its Telemedicine Consultation services (hereafter referred to as “Services”, or “Telemedicine Services”) through our website ( mobile application (Livlong365) (herein collectively referred to as the “Site”). This Data Collection Notice explains how We process Your Personal Data and Medical Information (hereafter referred to as “Personal Information”) (defined in the next section), relating to Your Consultation, that You will be required to provide as part of accessing the Telemedicine Services, when You visit or use Our Site.

Once You accept these terms it will mean that You have consented to the processing of Your Personal Data and Medical Information in the manner as described in this Data Collection Notice for the purpose specified in this Data Collection Notice.

You have the option not to provide Us the consent for processing of Your Personal Information that is sought to be processed by Us. You will also have the option to withdraw Your consent at any time by intimating to the Grievance Officer in writing at the following E-mail:

Please note that if You do not provide Us Your consent to process Your Personal Information or if You withdraw Your consent at any time, We may not be able to fulfill the purposes for which the said Personal Information was sought and We may restrict You from continuing to use Our Services or any part thereof.

  1. Definitions:

    This clause provides the definition and meaning of various expressions used in this Data Collection Notice.

    1. Personal Data: Means any data about You that helps Us identify You or is in relation to You and can include Your financial data, health data, etc. The Personal Data that will be processed by Us is specified in Clause II of this Notice.
    2. Medical Information: Means any data relating to Your health and healthcare, including but not limited to Medical Records, Lab Reports, Prescriptions, Doctors’ Notes, Medical Certificates, and any recordings of ongoing Telemedicine Sessions.

      Note: Personal Data and Medical Information as defined above may collectively be referred to as “Personal Information”.

    3. Processing (including its grammatical variations): Processing in relation to Your Personal Information means performing any automated or semi-automated operations including transmission, collection, recording, organising, structuring, indexing, sharing, storage, and adaptation, and would also include analytics done by Us to provide You with site-related services.
    4. Specific Purpose: This means the particular reason or purpose for which We collect Your Data.
    5. Personal Information Breach: Means any unauthorised processing of Personal Information or accidental disclosure, acquisition, sharing, use, alteration, destruction or loss of access to Personal Information, that compromises the confidentiality, integrity or availability of Your Personal Information.
  2. Data Collection:

    We will collect and process the following types of Personal Data, including but not limited to:

    1. User’s name;
    2. Birth date/age;
    3. Gender;
    4. Address (including country and pin/postal code);
    5. Location information, including Your GPS location;
    6. Phone number/mobile number;
    7. Email address;
    8. Valid financial information at the time of purchase of Services and/or online payment;
    9. LWPSL Login ID and password;
    10. User details as provided at the time of registration or thereafter;
    11. Records of interaction with LWPSL’s representatives;
    12. Your usage details such as time, frequency, duration and pattern of use, features used, and the amount of storage used;
    13. Master and transaction data and other data stored in Your user account;
    14. Internet Protocol address, browser type, browser language, referring URL, files accessed, errors generated, time zone, operating system, and other visitor details collected in Our log files;
    15. User’s tracking Information such as, but not limited to the device ID, Advertising ID etc.;
    16. Any other information that is willingly shared by You.

    We will also collect Your Medical Information, including but not limited to:

    1. Recordings of Sessions with any Healthcare Practitioner accessed through LWPSL Site;
    2. Recordings of any messages, in any medium communicated between Yourself and any Healthcare Practitioner accessed through LWPSL Site;
    3. Blood group;
    4. Physical, physiological, and mental health condition, provided by You/User or accessible from Your/User’s medical records;
    5. Personal medical records and history;
    6. Lab Reports provided by You or accessible through Your medical records;
    7. Prescriptions and Doctors’ notes provided by You or accessible through Your medical records.
  3. Specific Purpose of Collection and Use of Collected Data:

    Your Personal Information that is collected by Us or on Our behalf will be processed for the following Specific Purposes:

    1. To conduct study, research, and analysis in order to operate and improve the Site or Telemedicine service offering;
    2. To improve Our business practices, our Site designs and Your experience on our Site and portal as part of Telemedicine Service offering;
    3. To maintain and update Your profile, assess Your requirements, queries, complaints and feedback;
    4. Where such processing is necessary for merger or demerger, security announcements, billing, pricing and administration;
    5. To share with Our business partners/ service providers/ vendors for any reason necessary to provide access to Our Site and Our Services;
    6. To exercise any legal action, investigate, prevent, or take action regarding any illegal activities, suspected fraud, and violations on the platform or Site;
    7. To share with statutory authorities, government institutions, or other bodies for compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements;
    8. To conduct Processing that is necessary to fulfil contractual obligations.
  4. Changes In Your Personal Information:

    Please note that You will always have the option to review the Personal Information as provided by You to Us.

    If You choose or intend to delete, make any change, or correct Your Personal Information, You may put in a request to Us through Notice in writing to the Grievance Officer at E-mail:

    We do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of Your Personal Information or to keep Your Personal Information up to date barring any communication from Your end.

  5. Disclosure to Individuals and Third Parties:

    We may share and disclose Your Personal Information with individuals and with other entities who work for Us for the Specific Purposes outlined above. Please note that We will not share Your Personal Information with third parties without Your consent. Once You consent to this Data Collection Notice, You agree to share Your Personal Information with third parties.

  6. Minors:

    Our Site does not offer products and/ or services to children/minors. All persons below the age of 18 years, must visit the site accompanied by and under the supervision of a parent or guardian. The consent required under this Data Collection Notice must be given by a parent or guardian in the case of access of or use of the Site and its products and/ or services by minors.

  7. Data Protection:

    We implement reasonable physical, technical, and administrative security measures to prevent Personal Information Breaches. However, no security measure is completely foolproof, and we cannot assure that your Personal Information will never fall into the wrong hands.

    In the event of a Personal Information Breach, You will be notified at the earliest, and informed of the nature of Personal Information that has been subject to the breach.

  8. Data Retention:

    We will retain and continue to process Your Personal Information for a period of three (3) years, or, for as long as will be necessary for providing you Teleconsultation Services, meeting the Specified Purposes as provided above, and for any other essential purposes such as resolving disputes if any, for complying with our internal procedures, for enforcing our policies, and in such cases where applicable, such retention of Personal Information is expressly mandated or necessary to comply with any obligations under applicable laws, whichever is longer.

    You understand that for as long as we retain Your data, we are free to Process the same for the Specified Purposes outlined in this Data Collection Notice, unless You explicitly withdraw Your consent, in the manner provided in this Data Collection Notice.

  9. Complaints:

    If You have questions, complaints, or comments about the content of this Data Collection Notice or, any action is required to be taken in relation to your Personal Information including withdrawal of consent, change, correction, or deletion, please contact the Grievance Officer at You can also make a complaint to the Data Protection Board of India in case the Grievance Officer is unable to resolve Your issue/ complaint to Your satisfaction.

    In the event You believe that You have suffered a Personal Information Breach, or that the data You have provided us has been Processed in contravention of the terms of this Data Collection Notice, or LWPSL Privacy Policy, or that in general any of Your data protection rights are violated, then You may approach the Data Protection Board of India.

  10. Declarations:

    You acknowledge that You are providing Your Personal Information in a free, informed, and unconditional manner.

    In the event You are providing information for someone else, You hereby confirm that You are authorized to provide such information to Us.

    Further, You hereby acknowledge that the collection/receipt of Your Personal Information by LWPSL is necessary for the Specific Purposes identified in this Data Collection Notice.

    You hereby acknowledge that the collection and processing of any Personal Information, done in accordance with the provisions of this Data Collection Notice, shall not cause any wrongful loss to You.