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Akanksha Seshadri


Since a few weeks I had an itching on my hand and it had become red..I was really tensed because it was becoming painful. But the Doctor took one look at the spot and immediately suggested a cream for it. The medicines have also been working like wonders!

Aditi Sen


There were these lumps on my skin, and I was feeling really conscious about them. I was shy in showing them online to a doctor. But during the consultation, complete privacy was maintained, and the Doctor sounded very professional while talking! I'm in love with the experience.

Ankit Amble


You get a complete space to yourself with the Doctors, they are really professional with their approach & the medicines prescribed by them are also very helpful, its like having Doctors at home!

Sneha Dixit


I love the idea of getting help on phone and assistance on call. And that too with good turnaround time.

Dermatologists in Faridabad

 A dermatologist (also called a skin specialist or a skin doctor) is a physician who focuses on diseases of your skin, hair, and nails. No one knows your skin, hair, and nails better than a dermatologist. Whether you have cosmetic issues like wrinkles, acne and hair loss or more serious concerns like allergic reactions to products, and melanoma, a dermatologist is who you need to seek.

Many skin, hair, and nail disorders improve over time, but some necessitate the intervention from a dermatologist. They can also identify skin-related symptoms that may point to internal health issues, such as organ illness or dysfunction. Dermatologists deal with patients of all ages.

dermatologist in Faridabad FAQs

With LivLong, you can find a top dermatologist in Faridabad. Using our platform, you can book an appointment with a skin doctor for just Rs 749 + GST. All you need to do is fill in your details, verify patient details and the OTP sent to you and make payment with your preferred mode of fee transfer. After this, you will receive a call from a LivLong executive who will help you fix an appointment with a dermatologist. LivLong should be your preferred medical service platform because not only do we offer instant telecommunication with a specialist doctor, we guarantee 24x7 service that is safe, confidential and affordable.

Telecommunication or video conferencing with one of the best dermatologists in Faridabad is possible with LivLong. All you must do is sign up on our platform, make the payment, and then schedule a slot with the help of a LivLong executive.

With the pandemic has come many learnings, including leaning on to technological advancements in communication to consult with a doctor. Usually, most best dermatologist doctors in Faridabad offer online consultation.

Skin doctors across the country will charge differently depending on city they are based in, and their years and areas of expertise. LivLong offers online appointments with dermatology consultants at a price of Rs 749 (inclusive of GST).

Not all dermatology specialists will be always available in Faridabad. You can schedule an appointment based on the availability of free slots with LivLong.

You should consult a dermatologist or a skin specialist if you are experiencing if you have any of the following issues: • Severe acne that does not go away with at-home or over-the-counter treatments • Dry, patchy skin • Rashes or inflamed skin (indicative of eczema) • Extreme hairfall or hairloss • Skin growths (skin tags) and moles that are changing in shape, colour or texture • Skin cancer screening • Any skin, hair or nail infections • Wrinkles and age spots • Varicose veins

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