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Indrajit Bhandari


I had this pain in my ears for the past few days, it wasn't helping me focus on work..I booked a Doc consultation from these guys and I’m impressed by their service.

Surya Kamdar


There was a slight soreness in my throat. I didn't pay much attention to it and thought about thinking about it as another pain. But after constant pushing from my family, I booked an appointment with the ENT Doctor and he showed me how it was something serious.

Pratyush Seth


The Doctor was very soft spoken and was not hesitant to give me advice, so she can move on to the next patient. She carefully listened to my problem and suggested medicine to me as well.

Nakul Sani


Felt like I was talking to a complete professional, she looked after my symptoms and gave me medicines that made me feel immediately good

ENT Specialist in Ranchi


A physician who specialises in diagnosing and treating disorders of the ears, nose, and throat is known as an "ENT specialist," sometimes known as an "otolaryngologist."

A wide variety of conditions are treated by an ENT specialist or otolaryngologist, including infections of the ears, loss of hearing, pain in the nerves, cranial nerve problems, management of congenital ear issues, allergies, sinus infections, odour disorders, diseases of the larynx (voice box), oesophagus, and disorders of swallowing.

ENT surgeons have additional training in surgery that enables them to operate on the complex systems and fragile tissues found in the neck and head.

LivLong can help you find the best ENT specialist in Ranchi. You can type the keyword on the website as "ENT Specialist in Ranchi," "Best ENT Specialist in Ranchi," "Top ENT Specialist in Ranchi," and "Best ENT Specialist Doctor in Ranchi."

What are the reasons to see an ENT specialist or otolaryngologist?

  • Significant abnormalities in hearing or sudden loss of hearing.
  • Increased wheezing or breathing difficulty that is brought on by an obstruction in the voice box (larynx).  
  • Hearing problems or abrupt changes in listening along with dizziness.
  • Developing tumours, lumps, or infections of the soft tissues of the neck and face that don't heal despite taking medications.
  • ENT issues that interfere with sleep or lead to sleep apnoea (a sleep abnormality).
  • Cold symptoms, ear illnesses, or throat irritation that don't go away after 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Diseases affecting the ENT, neck, or head that need an endoscopic examination or biopsies for evaluation or treatment.

Several of these signs and symptoms may also point to a significant medical issue. The abovementioned should be treated right away at the closest ENT specialist clinic by an otolaryngologist.

ent-specialist in Ranchi FAQs

You can find an ENT specialist in Ranchi with the help of telemedicine platforms lie LivLong. The other option is to type specific search keywords like ENT Specialist in Ranchi, best ENT specialist in Ranchi, top ENT specialist in Ranchi, and best ENT specialist doctor in Ranchi to find an expert in your area.

You can find an online ENT specialist consultation in Ranchi with the help of platforms like LivLong. Here, you can select from the list of ENT specialists who offer online consultations in Ranchi and book an appointment.

No, all ENT specialists don’t offer online consultations in Ranchi. However, with LivLong, you can book an online appointment with an ENT specialist, depending on their availability.

An ENT specialist in Ranchi charges for an online consultation between INR 200 – 1000.

• No, all ENT specialists are not available 24/7. However, if you are looking to talk to an ENT specialist, you should book an appointment through LivLong.

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