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    Know Your General-Physician

    Healthcare has become a priority, and early signs of illness may require prompt care. People make appointments with general physicians after experiencing minor symptoms like a skin outbreak, a cough, or a fever spike. A general physician is a doctor who specialises in general medicine and provides non-surgical care. They are primary care providers and, in most cases, a patient's initial point of contact with a medical professional. When you or a family member requires medical treatment, you can request a general physician consultation. In western countries, a GP is called a primary care physician (PCP). 

    Who is a general physician?

    General medicine, sometimes known as internal medicine, is concerned with the non-surgical diagnosis and treating disorders affecting the internal organs in adults. Doctors that specialise in general medicine are known as internists or physicians. A general physician recognises the signs and treats the problem accordingly. The doctor may examine the patient or request lab tests based on the patient's symptoms in person or via a general physician online consultation. For accurate diagnosis and treatment, lab tests are essential in general and internal medicine.

    What a general physician consultation entails:

    • Assessment: Assessing a patient who may have contracted an illness or a condition. The scope includes patients with a cluster of complex symptoms, including swellings, unexplained pain in the body, urinary issues, or high blood pressure, requiring help to determine the cause.
    • Collaboration: This entails referring you to another specialist or doctor on the multispecialty team of experts.
    • GP consult: During your GP consult, your doctor will create a treatment plan to complement the care you receive from your primary care provider.
    • Tests: Blood tests, cholesterol screening, blood pressure screening, and other specialists’ tests and scans are all part of a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.
    • Online physician consultation: A GP can also provide an online physician consultation to their patients.

    Advantages of a general physician

    A physician can work with you throughout your life, often seeing you and other patients over extended periods. They are familiar with your personal and family history, which allows them to make accurate diagnoses, check for red flags about drugs, and track changes in your health over time. They can help you manage chronic illnesses and address emergencies. When you need further investigations, whether it's for heart disease, cancer, or another major issue, your general physician can refer you to a specialist who suits your specific needs.

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