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Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Pomegranate Seeds

Our delicious and healthy pomegranate is indeed a superfood with tiny red seeds called arils. These pomegranate seeds also known as anardana, offer a bundle of health benefits to one and all. Good digestion, flawless skin, and better blood circulation are some of the key benefits of pomegranate seeds for skin. Not all pomegranates have red arils, some also have pinkish-white seeds.

In this article, we aim to acquaint you with what happens if you continue eating pomegranate seeds every day? We will also talk about eating pomegranate seeds side effects and pomegranate seeds uses.

Nutrition Value of Pomegranate Seeds

Before we dive into disclosing the benefits of eating pomegranate seeds, we will throw some light on the nutritional facts about these tiny red seeds. Listed below is the nutritional value found in 100 grams of pomegranate seeds:

  • Carbohydrates: 19 g
  • Sugar: 14 g
  • Dietary Fibre: 4 g
  • Fat: 1 g
  • Potassium: 235 mg
  • Sodium: 3 mg


10 Incredible Health Benefits of Pomegranate

Here goes the list of 10 amazing health benefits of pomegranate seeds are mentioned below:

1. Boosts Blood Circulation

The prime benefit of eating pomegranate seed is that it is good for blood circulation. Eating these seeds regularly helps in enhancing the production of red blood cells or RBC in your blood. Those who consume pomegranate seeds every day are also at a lower risk of symptoms of anemia and fatigue. 

2. Loaded with Tummy-Friendly Nutrients

The second major pomegranate seed use is for your tummy. Have you ever wondered why we eat anardana powder after having food? It is because pomegranate seeds are good for digestion. Eating pomegranate helps to keep stomach ailments like cholera, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal reflux at bay.

3. Pomegranate Benefits For Skin

Antioxidants, including the vitamin C in pomegranates, work by minimizing cellular damage in the body. Tannins, ellagitannins, and anthocyanins are some of the other noteworthy compounds.  Those who eat pomegranate seeds can notice radiance and a natural glow on their skin. This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants that help in purifying blood keeping pimples at bay. These seeds also contribute to preserving the natural collagen of the skin preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You can drink pomegranate juice also it has multiple benefits and gives flawless skin with no nutrients get killed in the juice.

4. Pomegranate Seeds Promotes Weight Loss

Loaded with dietary fibre, pomegranate seeds are superb when it comes to promoting weight loss. These nutritional seeds help to boost your metabolism because they are rich in folic acid and Vitamin K. 

5. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Low in sugar content and full of anti-diabetic properties, pomegranate seeds are miraculous for diabetics. These arils help in reducing blood sugar levels naturally. 

6. Good for Your Heart Health

Trust on the power of these shiny red pearls of a pomegranate to keep your health healthy. These seeds are full of anti-inflammatory properties and therefore prevent the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, they also contain some compounds that help to make your heart fit and fine. 

7. Full of Anti-Cancer Properties

Eating pomegranate seeds daily will help keep cancer at bay. These shinny arils of a pomegranate are rich in anti-cancer properties. So, when you eat them in moderate amounts daily, you are at the minimum risk of suffering from cancers like breast cancer. 

8. Reduces LDL or Bad Cholesterol

The list of benefits of pomegranate seeds doesn’t end here. These seeds are loaded with essential nutrients like polyphenols that help to reduce bad cholesterol or LDL.

9. Pomegranate Seeds Benefits for Males

Men suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction can benefit a lot from eating pomegranate seeds. It is because these seeds have the power to increase the blood flow and extend their erection. Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice is the ultimate remedy for this purpose. 

10. Pomegranate Seeds Benefits for Females

Women can benefit too by eating pomegranate seeds. There are better chances of conceiving a baby when a woman includes pomegranate seeds in her diet. Moreover, eating pomegranate seeds daily help in hair growth and prevents acne issues. 

Side Effects of Eating Pomegranate Seeds

Having known the various benefits of pomegranate seeds will be just half the knowledge unless you learn about the side effects of eating pomegranate seeds. So have a look at some of the side effects of overeating pomegranate seeds:

  • Skin itching
  • Allergies
  • Runny nose
  • Breathing difficulty


The Bottom Line

There is no secret recipe to incorporate pomegranate seeds into your meals. You can simply sprinkle them on any of your dishes to enjoy all the above-mentioned health benefits. Those afraid of these seeds getting stuck in their teeth may choose to reap all the health benefits of pomegranate seeds by drinking a glass of pomegranate juice as well.


Is it OK to eat pomegranate seeds everyday?

Yes, eating pomegranate seeds every day is safe. These are edible seeds of a pomegranate that offer a plethora of health benefits. They help in better blood circulation, give you clear skin, and also aid in weight loss. 

Do you eat pomegranate seeds or spit them out?

It is perfectly safe to eat pomegranate seeds. The choice is, however, yours, whether you want to eat them or spit them out. Avoid eating the rind and the white membrane around the pomegranate arils because they are bitter. 

How many pomegranate seeds should I eat a day?

You can eat 1 to 2 cups of pomegranate in a day. These are low-calorie seeds full of essential nutrients. But, overeat these seeds, else they may lead to some side effects too.

Who should not eat pomegranate?

People suffering from low blood pressure and issues like blood pressure fluctuations must avoid eating pomegranates. Moreover, after having surgery, one should avoid pomegranate seeds to avoid any complications. 

Does pomegranate reduce belly fat?

Yes, eating pomegranate helps in promoting weight loss. It can do wonders in reducing your belly fat. Some compounds found in pomegranate block triglycerides from getting into your blood. This prevents the risk of heart diseases and accumulation of fat on the belly. 

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