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Nirupama Nayar


The Diabetologist Specialist had a very good & friendly approach towards keeping Diabetes in control. I am taking another followup consultation for sure, nice service guys!

Aarush Khurana


I was worried about Diabetes causing the ups and downs in my life…but I took an online doctor consultation from LivLong and the doctor took adequate time and addressed my Diabetic as well as mentally uplifted me a lot! I'm really thankful for the service you guys have created!

Kushal Bumb


Diabetes has been hard on me for the past few years and with the all the medication going on, I was not in a right place mentally, hence I didn’t want to step out of the house, which is when i was introduced to online doctor consultation…the service has been a turning point in my life overall!

Apurva Singhal


The service was really fast and the entire process was very easy to follow through! LivLong is definitely taking steps towards making healthcare digital and its going great, wonderful experience guys!

Diabetologist in Ahmedabad 

 Diabetology is the study of diabetes diagnosis and treatment. Endocrinologists who specialise in treating in diabetes mellitus are referred to as diabetologists. They research and provide a treatment plan to control the patient’s blood glucose and sugar levels by curating a multidisciplinary plan. Diabetologist doctors work closely with diabetic educators, nurses, ophthalmologists, and renal physicians to treat and monitor diabetic conditions. They include Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. The treatment approach involves diabetes care with medications, exercise plans, lifestyle modifications, and dietary changes.

Reasons to Visit a Diabetologist

 If you are diagnosed with diabetes and want to manage your high blood sugar and glucose levels, expert consultation from the best diabetologist can help. That is the primary reason to visit a diabetologist. Besides, you can also talk to a diabetologist if you are not yet diagnosed, but are experiencing symptoms associated with the disease, which include:

  • Unusually excessive hunger.
  • Tingling sensation in hands and feet.
  • Dry and itchy skin.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Increased thirst.
  • Weakness and tiredness.
  • Soreness and slow healing of wounds.
  • Higher susceptibility to infections.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Unexplained loss or gain of weight.

A combination of the mentioned symptoms is cause for concern, and getting your blood sugar level tested will indicate if you have diabetes. After confirmation, the diabetologist will begin a treatment plan to manage your condition. 

diabetologist in Ahmedabad FAQs

If you are booking an appointment with the best diabetologists online, you can opt for teleconsultation or choose to physically visit an Ahmedabad clinic nearest to you. In both cases, you have the choice to book a slot based on your preference. However, the availability depends on how many diabetic patients the doctor is tending to.

In your consultation appointment with a diabetologist, the specialist will ask you about the symptoms you are experiencing and perform a general examination. Additionally, they may check your family history and conduct a blood sugar test. Based on the evaluation and results, you will be guided through the course of action to treat diabetes. You can also expect to schedule regular appointments with the diabetologist every three to four months to monitor your sugar levels.

Top diabetologists charge anywhere between INR 500 and INR 800 in Ahmedabad. If you want quick bookings with experienced doctors, you can book your consultation with LivLong for INR 749.

Most diabetologists in Ahmedabad offer the facility of an online consultation as they have adopted teleservices. But the same does not apply to all.

You can check the availability of a diabetologist near your area in Ahmedabad on online wellness service sites like LivLong. After you find your preferred diabetes specialist, you can book a slot, make the payment, and your appointment is scheduled.

You can find the best diabetologists in Ahmedabad by checking their reviews, history of accolades, and services. While searching for them, you can also go through their years of experience, a post-graduate diploma in diabetology, and a multidisciplinary team assisting them to get the best service.

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