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Sanjit Prakash


Taking a consultation for this was really a critical choice for me and I really needed someone who could understand my problem and I needed the space to express my problems freely. The Doctor checked all my boxes and was really knowledgeable and really had an great understanding about my problem!

Anit Sharma


Stress and anxiety had become a regular part of my life. My friends pushed me to book a consultation here and that’s when new doors opened up for my mental growth. The doctors helped me deeply analyze what could be my problems & today I’m doing so much better!

Pratibha Sane


I recently had a layoff at my job and had a breakup as well. Both the events blew up in my face and I just couldn’t deal with stuff anymore…I found Neuropsychologist services online by LivLong and I have been taking their services since that time…slowly working on mental health and also happily searching for new jobs!

Vartika Maheshwari


I wanted to get these services for my little sister for her eating disorders and I am really impressed with the changes I can see in my sister because of the consultations! The accessibility for these services is also really great! Really great work guys!

Neuropsychologist in Chennai 

 Neuropsychology is a medical specialty that combines neurology and psychology to study the brain and its influence on cognitive function and behaviour. Neurologists are specialists in the field who primarily evaluate the impact of brain injuries or illnesses on regular brain function.

There are two main types of neuropsychology specialties: cognitive/experimental neuropsychology and clinical neuropsychology. Cognitive neuropsychologists focus on research and are employed in research facilities or academic institutions. Clinical neuropsychologists, on the other hand, work closely with patients to understand their cognitive abilities and identify neuropsychological disorders. They practise in hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, rehab centres, or establish their own private practise.

Evaluation in Clinical Neuropsychology

The primary role of clinical neuropsychologists is to assess your brain function. Clinical neuropsychologists are not authorised to prescribe medication, but they can suggest courses of treatment. They collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide complete care for their patients.

For diagnosis, they evaluate your nervous system, which involves measuring and processing aspects like your language skills, memory, sensory function, emotional regulation, and attention. They may use performance-based tests, questionnaires, and computer-based tasks for such assessments.

After the evaluation, they interpret the results to understand the neuropsychological disorder. Depending on the conclusion, they will recommend consulting a psychiatrist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, psychotherapist, or speech therapist for treatment.  

neuropsychologist in Chennai FAQs

 You can find the best neuropsychologist in Chennai by comparing specialists online. You can check their qualifications, years of experience, and patient reviews, to make an informed decision. If you are short on time and want to book an appointment with an expert, LivLong is a convenient solution.  

 The process of neuropsychological consultation typically starts with obtaining a referral from a healthcare provider such as a physician, psychologist, or other specialist who may suspect cognitive issues or abnormalities. After receiving a referral, you may schedule an in-person consultation or teleconsultation with a neuropsychology specialist. During the consultation, the specialist will assess your family history, understand your concerns, review your medications, and conduct an evaluation to identify any cognitive or neuropsychological disorders that may be impacting your brain function and behaviour.  

 Most, if not all neuropsychologists in Chennai offer online consultation in Chennai.  

 Consultation costs vary depending on the neuropsychologists, and factors like the location where they practice, their qualifications, and years of experience. You can always get a clear estimate of how much the consultation charges are when you book an appointment. On average, the consultation can range from INR 500 to INR 2,000.  

 It is not possible to consult the best neurologists at anytime in Chennai because their availability depends on their schedule.  

 You should consult a neuropsychologist in Chennai to get a proper diagnosis of:

  • Neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis, dementia, epilepsy, brain tumours, and so on.
  • Learning difficulties and cognitive deficits like ADHD or dyslexia.
  • Developmental disorders such as autism or intellectual disability.
  • Psychological disorders, including PTSD, schizophrenia, and major depressive disorders.
  • Neuropsychological problems resulting from sports-related injuries.

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