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Suman Roy


The Doctor explained the entire process for my problem in layman terms, which actually helped me understand what the problem was! Really wonderful idea about the Online Consultation guys..Keep it up!

Murali Dasgupta


I have been having problems with going to the washroom for the past few days & work keeps me entangled, so I didn''t have time to go to the Doctor and that''s why I booked this Online consultation. Surprisingly the service was really fast, thank god didn''t have to wait in long lines like one does at clinics!

Devina Desai


The booking was super fast and I received a call immediately and within the blink of an eye, I was booked for an appointment the day after tomorrow. I would definitely recommend other people with their service as well.

Asmita Dugal


The Doctor was really soft spoken. I was feeling embarrassed to discuss my personal problems with the Doctor, but he calmly listened to my problems and 100s of my questions haha. But overall I had a wonderful experience!

Urologist in Dehradun

A urologist is a physician who specialises in and treats urinary tract diseases in both men and women as well as the diseases of the male reproductive system. They are also referred to as a urology doctor or a urology specialist.

In Dehradun, there are many highly qualified and experienced urologists who can provide excellent care for patients with a variety of urological conditions. LivLong has a list of the top urologists in Dehradun compiled for you. You can choose the best urologist doctor in Dehradun from the list available on LivLong that best suits your requirement.

urologist in Dehradun FAQs

You can conduct an internet search or use a website, such as LivLong, to find a list of urologists in Dehradun. You can also ask your primary care physician for recommendations or check with local hospitals or clinics for their list of affiliated urology doctors.

You can check if the urology doctor or clinic offers online consultations and schedule an appointment, usually through their website or by phone. Besides, you can opt to book through LivLong, which offers a list of the best urologists providing online consultations.

It depends on the specific urologist or clinic. Some urologists in Dehradun may offer online consultations as an option for their patients, while others may not. If you choose to book an appointment using the LivLong website or app, you can avail an online consultation with the best urology doctor in Dehradun.

It depends on the availability of the urology specialist. Generally, urologists in Dehradun have specific office hours, but they may also offer after-hours care for urgent or emergency situations. It is best to check with the specific urologist or clinic for their availability.

A urologist in Dehradun should be consulted for conditions related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system, including prostate problems, kidney and bladder issues, and male reproductive problems. Consulting with an experienced urologist in Dehradun can ensure that you receive the highest quality of care and the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

A urologist is a medical practitioner who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the urinary tract and the male reproductive system.

Some common urologic diseases treated by urologists include prostate problems, kidney and bladder issues, male reproductive problems, and ureteral conditions, incontinence, paediatric urology, urologic trauma, and urethral reconstruction. They may also treat other rare conditions that require specialised care.

If you are suffering from any of the urologic diseases, including kidney stones or blockages, gallbladder stones, urinary tract infection, cancer of the kidney, prostate, or bladder, erectile dysfunction, testicular cancer, post-pregnancy problems, or bedwetting, you should see your urologist.

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