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Sonam Banerjee


I was really having problems breathing and I couldn't understand why it was happening. I immediately booked an online appointment, because I dont like to be slack when something like this happens. Did the Doctor consultation. The experience was wonderful..

Gautam Natarajan


My dad had bronchitis in the past, hence I'm very careful about his health. I also don't generally trust going to clinics with such delicate conditions. Hence I wanted to go for Doctor consultation with these guys. The charges were quite reasonable and the service was also really easy going..didn't face much hassles..

Rahul Mistry


After COVID the situation was really bad overall and we are three family members, my wife and my son. We didn't want to take second chances and go the Doctor's clinic, hence booked an online consultation for all of them. Was very happy that the service was really consistent with all my family members. Super!

Jyotsna Kulkarni


Had booked a service for my mom who had chronic cough and heaviness in the chest. They immediately helped. Keep it up guys with this essential Health care service..

Pulmonologist in Delhi NCR

 Pulmonology is a branch of internal medicine that specialises in diagnosing and managing disorders affecting the respiratory system. Upper airways, lower airways, thoracic cavity, chest wall, and lungs are the parts diagnosed and treated to resolve respiratory issues. The disorders can range from chronic conditions to life-threatening illnesses. A pulmonologist decides the treatment procedure based on the severity of a patient's condition and prescribes appropriate medications and therapy for recovery.

Procedures Performed by Pulmonologists

 Pulmonologist doctors treat illnesses concerning the respiratory system. They specialise in specific areas such as critical care, sleep disorder treatment, asthma, obstructive lung disease, interventional pulmonology, interstitial lung disease, etc. Typically, a general physician refers you to a chest specialist doctor for treatment based on the area of specialisation. Pulmonologists are categorised as paediatric and geriatric experts as children and adult care differs.

When you consult a lung specialist, they diagnose your condition with blood analysis, imaging tests, pulmonary function exams, bronchoscopy, spirometry, etc. After analysing your condition, a pulmonologist recommends treatments like airway ablation, pulmonary hygiene, thoracentesis, and stent placement to address the applicable health concern. In complex cases, a chest surgeon intervenes in surgical procedures.   

Online Consultation with a Pulmonologist

 You can conveniently consult a lung doctor online with the following steps:

  1.  Understand your symptoms to find the right specialist.
  2.  Search pulmonologist doctors online.  
  3.  Assess the profiles of chest specialist doctors based on their expertise, qualifications, and patient reviews.  
  4.  Book a slot based on your preferred time and date after finding your preferred pulmonologist.
  5. Paying the consultation fee online via NetBanking to get confirmation for your appointment.

Diseases Covered Under the Scope of Pulmonology

 Lung doctors treat the following respiratory conditions:

  • Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that involves inflammation of your airways causing breathing difficulty, wheezing, chest tightness, etc. Lung specialists treat asthma with management therapies and medication.

  • Interstitial Lung Disease

Interstitial lung disease is an umbrella term that includes multiple disorders causing scarring in the lungs. They include idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, bronchiolitis obliterans, chronic eosinophilic pneumonia, sarcoidosis, asbestosis, etc. A lung doctor prescribes the treatment plan after diagnosing the type of interstitial lung disease.

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD is a group of obstructive lung diseases that occur when the alveoli in the lungs are damaged. Common types include chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

  • Other Diseases

Lung doctors also treat respiratory conditions like pneumonia, tuberculosis, sleep apnoea, pulmonary hypertension, bronchiectasis, and lung cancer.  

pulmonologist in Delhi-NCR FAQs

You can find the best pulmonologist doctor in Delhi NCR via LivLong. This medical aggregator platform facilitates tele/video consultations with lung specialists online.

24*7 availability is not possible as pulmonologists have tight schedules and existing patient loads. But you can book consultations anytime and get an appointment.

You should consult a chest specialist doctor when you experience symptoms like chronic cough, chest tightness, wheezing, etc.

While top pulmonologists in Delhi NCR offer online consultation facilities, the same cannot be said for all.

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