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Narendra Palla


The advice that the nutritionist gave me about my diet really helped me drop some numbers in my weight. The plan that she shared was also really easy to follow!

Abha Raman


I was to get married & was really worried about my weight, when I took a Doctor consultation from LivLong & now I get to wear my favourite lehenga for my wedding, I am so so happy with their service…

Rupa Dyal


I am a Diabetic & food is kind off a tough zone to tackle for me, because I’m a foodie…but the dietician that these guys really changed perspectives for me. He showed me how I could make my food really healthy at the same time very tasty as well, keeping my Diabetes under control at the same time…

Aapti Taneja


He gave me really friendly tips to keep my weight in check. The most amazing thing was that there were no fancy meals, rather simple available-at-home things for my diet plan…which made me trust him even more!

Dietitian and Nutritionist in Gurgaon

The scientific fields dealing with the study of food intake and how it impacts health are called diet and nutrition management. A balanced diet is of paramount importance for leading a healthy life. It not only ensures the fulfilment of energy consumption but also builds immunity against diseases. Nutrition refers to how your body absorbs the food you consume and converts it into energy. Certain foods are rich in nutrition, while others are not as much. The composition of foods, the nutrients they contain, and the way the body processes them are the main aspects of nutrition. Maintaining a healthy diet and nutrition is essential for well-being, weight maintenance, and energy consumption. 

Role of a Dietitian and Nutritionist

Dietitians and nutritionists are qualified health professionals trained in creating a dietary plan that helps maintain optimal health status and body weight. To make a customised nutritional plan, dietitian nutritionists assess your health profile. They analyse the types of food, supplements, and beverages that impact your health positively or negatively. This lets them objectively choose a nutritional diet based on your health condition.

They also specialise in altering your food chart according to your medical history. Dietitians and nutritionists collaborate with other healthcare professionals like general physicists, physiologists, and food service professionals to come up with a comprehensive diet plan for healthy eating.

dietician-and-nutritionist in Gurgaon FAQs

You can find the best nutritionists and dietitians in Gurgaon by comparing them online. You can check their qualifications, expertise, experience, and other certifications to determine how they fit your needs. Once you decide on the right dietitian and nutritionist, you can book an appointment with them for in-person assistance or teleconsultation.

You can start by understanding your goals if you are consulting a dietitian and nutritionist for your overall well-being. That way, you can point out specific areas to improve. If you want to improve your diet or incorporate nutrition due to a medical condition, a clinical nutritionist and dietitian will study your case to prepare a meal plan. During the consultation, you will also get guidance on following the plan with physical fitness recommendations.

Many of the best dietitians and nutritionists in Gurgaon offer online consultations. But the same is not true for all.

The charge for online consultations with clinical nutritionists and dietitians operating in Gurgaon varies. The average cost ranges from INR 500 to INR 2,000. If you want to save, you can opt for a comprehensive health plan by LivLong starting from INR 970.

The possibility of consulting the best dietitians and nutritionists located in Gurgaon depends on their availability.

You can consult the best nutritionists and dietitians in Gurgaon to stay healthy and get adequate food and nutrition. Other reasons for seeking their services include supporting weight loss or gain, building a nutritional plan while you recover from an ailment, addressing food allergies, optimising athletic performance by eating healthy, and more.

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