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Kshitij Sharma


Trust is something really important when it comes to choosing your surgeon…and trust me when I say, when you have a word with their Doctors you feel as if you have known them for a very long time…wonderful set of Doctors & trustworthy services for sure!

Bhavna Poojari


I had a surgery for a clot below my left ear and I have been following the plan shared by the General Surgeons at LivLong…I have been recovering really well and the medicines recommended by the doctors are helping as well!

Pujit Jha


I am all praises for the Doctors present on here. I was really worried about getting a surgery done which is the reason why I took a consultation to get guidance. The way they handled the entire situation is very commendable and I had a successful operation as well!

Anjali Shah


Consultations at LivLong have always been hassle free for me, I have been booking consultations multiple times for my dad who under went a major surgery and they make the entire experience really customer friendly!

General Surgeon In Hyderabad

 General surgeons are medical professionals who specialise in various surgical procedures. Surgery is a branch of medicine that treats diseases or injuries by removing or repairing body tissues or organs. Your physician may recommend that you receive surgery for certain conditions. A general surgeon will collaborate with other medical professionals like anaesthesiologists, surgical technicians, and specialist surgeons to treat a patient. 

What does a general surgeon do?

 A general surgeon is highly knowledgeable about human anatomy, physiology, emergency care, shock and resuscitation, and healing. They alter the body’s tissue to treat wounds and illnesses and promote healing. The primary responsibilities of a general surgeon also include pre- and post-operative care.

General surgeons are adept at performing both elective and emergency surgery. Elective surgery is surgery that can be optional or scheduled in advance, for example, wart removals, tonsillectomies, and bariatric surgery, among other procedures. 

Areas of surgery

 A general surgeon doctor typically specialises in the following areas:

  • Skin and soft tissue
  • Abdomen and pelvis
  • Digestive tract
  • Endocrine system
  • Heart and blood vessels
  • Injuries
  • Gallbladder
  • Hernia
  • Appendicitis

When do you need to see a general surgeon?

 You may need to consult a general surgeon for the following reasons:

  • Your physician recommends surgery

Your doctor may recommend surgery when medication does not suffice. The physician may refer you to a general surgeon. For instance, in the case of tonsillitis, your doctor may first recommend medications to alleviate the inflammation. When that doesn’t work effectively, the doctor may recommend you visit a general surgeon and undergo a tonsillectomy.

  • You need emergency surgery

General surgeons are highly trained to treat life-threatening injuries caused by external trauma, the exacerbation of chronic illnesses, or other surgical complications. Usually, treatment must be administered within a few hours. Hernias, appendicitis, inflammation of the appendix, respiratory obstructions, urinary obstructions, and foreign body aspiration, are circumstances that require emergency surgery.

general-surgeon in Hyderabad FAQs

Most general surgeons will provide an online consultation for a preliminary check-up. You can book an appointment online with LivLong. All you need to do is compare the best general surgeons in Hyderabad, pay the consultation fees, and book your preferred slot.
A general surgeon’s fee will depend on their experience. Experienced surgeons may charge a relatively higher fee for their expertise.
A general surgeon must have a specialisation in cardiology in order to perform heart surgery.
A general surgeon may not be available 24x7 for online consultation due to their generally packed schedule. However, you can conveniently check the surgeon’s availability and book a consultation appointment slot accordingly with LivLong.
A general surgeon specialises in treating various parts of the human body. Besides performing surgery, they also manage patient care before and after the critical surgery. Additionally, the hospital treats traumatic injuries caused by accidents. A specialist surgeon is one who receives additional training for a specific area. Examples include cardiac surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, oncologists, and urologists.

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