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    Know Your General Surgery

    Doctors that specialise in surgeries are referred to as general surgeons. A technique used to modify body tissues for identifying or treating a medical condition is commonly known as surgery. A general surgeon is a crucial member of a surgical team. This team has some other members, such as an anaesthesiologist, a surgical technician, and a nurse. Before surgery, you can discuss the operation you are undergoing with your surgeon. General surgeons can treat both adults and children.

    A general surgeon is an expert in each procedure of a surgical operation, including preoperative planning, surgery, as well as postoperative care. They are well-versed in a range of illnesses and disorders that can afflict the human body. They will provide recommendations regarding whether you require surgery for your condition, and the best form of surgery you need. General surgeons are different from specialised surgeons like cardiac and neurosurgeons.

    Specialists of general surgery can perform a range of surgical procedures on soft tissues, like the excision of cysts and small skin lesions. They may also work on procedures like hernia repairs, colectomies, gallbladder removal, operate on the endocrine system, and the vascular system (barring the heart).  General surgeons are also knowledgeable about surgical oncology, surgical critical care, and trauma surgeries (like operating on victims of gunshot wounds, stabbings, car crashes, among others).

    Nowadays, procedures requiring minimum invasion such as laparoscopy are performed by general surgeon specialists. Small equipment, such as a microscopic camera, which allows a surgeon to observe the insides of your body, is utilised in a laparoscopic procedure. With such tools, a surgeon can conduct the surgery with very small incisions. With a conventional method, such incisions are generally large. Minimally invasive procedures allow quick healing, less blood loss, and pain. However, if the situation demands it, then the surgeon may resort to traditional surgical techniques. 

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