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Sanjit Prakash


Taking a consultation for this was really a critical choice for me and I really needed someone who could understand my problem and I needed the space to express my problems freely. The Doctor checked all my boxes and was really knowledgeable and really had an great understanding about my problem!

Anit Sharma


Stress and anxiety had become a regular part of my life. My friends pushed me to book a consultation here and that’s when new doors opened up for my mental growth. The doctors helped me deeply analyze what could be my problems & today I’m doing so much better!

Pratibha Sane


I recently had a layoff at my job and had a breakup as well. Both the events blew up in my face and I just couldn’t deal with stuff anymore…I found Neuropsychologist services online by LivLong and I have been taking their services since that time…slowly working on mental health and also happily searching for new jobs!

Vartika Maheshwari


I wanted to get these services for my little sister for her eating disorders and I am really impressed with the changes I can see in my sister because of the consultations! The accessibility for these services is also really great! Really great work guys!

Neuropsychologist In Jaipur

 A psychologist who specialises in the understanding of how the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves originating from the spinal cord) impacts behaviour is called a neuropsychologist. By administering various tests, the neuropsychologist assesses your cognitive functions after an illness or nervous system injuries. Neuropsychologists are not medical doctors and cannot prescribe medications or perform surgeries. They typically treat conditions like dementia, epilepsy, stroke, and brain tumours, to name a few.

Role Of a Neuropsychologist

Neuropsychology is a specialised field that combines neurology, the study of the nervous system, and psychology, the study of mind and behaviour. Neuropsychologists play a crucial role in diagnosing neurological and psychological conditions. They administer various tests to evaluate brain function, especially after a brain injury. Damage to the nervous system can impact an individual's behaviour, emotions, and cognitive abilities, such as learning and memory.

Neuropsychologists work closely with neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, and neurosurgeons to create a comprehensive treatment plan for patients, both before and after nervous system surgery. They do not prescribe medications or perform surgeries themselves, as they are not medical doctors.

When To See a Neuropsychologist

Your primary doctor will refer you to a neuropsychologist if you develop neuropsychological disorders such as issues with your memory, language, or personality due to nervous system disorders. A neuropsychologist typically treats conditions like:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain cancer
  • Memory loss (dementia)
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Movement and coordination difficulties
  • Personality changes

What To Expect from Your First Neuropsychological Consultation

During a neuropsychological evaluation, the neuropsychologist conducts various tests to gather information about your cognitive function. The evaluation typically involves the neuropsychologist asking about your family history, medical history, current medications, and symptoms. They will also ask you about the severity of your symptoms and how they impact your day-to-day activities.

The tests performed during a neuropsychological evaluation include cognitive tests such as word or number recall. The neuropsychologist may also conduct motor tests to assess your walking, running, hearing, or visual abilities. Most of these tests involve using pens and paper and do not require special instruments. The tests can last from several hours to several days.  

neuropsychologist in Jaipur FAQs

 A neuropsychologist is a psychologist who specialises in the cognitive behaviour of the brain. They typically conduct a series of tests to better understand your disease or condition and develop a treatment plan with other medical experts. Neurologists treat the physical symptoms of nervous system disorders through medication, and they may also perform procedures like lumbar punctures or biopsies. Psychiatrists who specialise in treating mental disorders caused by nervous system disorders are called neuropsychiatrists.  

 You can search the internet to find the best neuropsychologists in Jaipur, or you can use LivLong's Doctor Consultation service. With LivLong, you can compare the best neuropsychologist doctors in Jaipur, choose available time slots, and make the consultation payment online within minutes. Alternatively, you can use the LivLong mobile app to book your appointment. Note that you can schedule in-person consultations with the best neuropsychologists in Jaipur through LivLong.  

 Today, most doctor consultations happen online, as it is convenient and timesaving. However, not all neuropsychologists offer online consultations. To find the ones that do, you can head to the LivLong website or mobile app.  

 No, they cannot. Note that neuropsychologists are not medical doctors. Therefore, they cannot perform any type of surgery.

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