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Anisha Bhavsar


I haven’t been able to conceive in a while and my mental health had hit a low because of that and I had lost hope, I didnt want to meet any Doctor’s…thats when my husband introduced me to these online consultations…and with the plans given by the Doctors and repeated consultations have brought so many changes in my life. Im really really grateful to LivLong for this!

Suresh Ramnath


I had a case of ED and I was really anxious because of that and I used to literally spend my nights crying…but this notification popped up in front of me for a Infertility specialist by LivLong and I just immediately booked one! Things have never been the same ever since regarding my sexual health & I just can’t thank the Doctors enough!

Vidya Nigam


I wasn’t able to pay attention at work much because of this unknown pain my stomach so just to be on the safer side I consulted an Infertility specialist with LivLong…they got hold of the problem within nick of time and I have been following their advice and taking medications recommended by them ever since!

Khushi Pandey


Infertility is kind of a big issue for a lot of people and it really takes a toll on the mind…but just after having the first session with the Doctors, I was so much at ease and felt really good about myself…I will definitely recommend this to anyone who are facing problems regarding infertility!

Infertility Specialist In Kochi

 Infertility specialists are doctors specialising in the diagnoses and treatment of fertility issues in men and women. Due to lifestyle choices and environmental impact, infertility among individuals continues to rise at an alarming rate. This hinders the individual’s ability to conceive substantially. With the help of an infertility doctor, individuals struggling to conceive can get appropriate treatment and increase their chances of having a baby.

Role Of an Infertility Specialist

Infertility specialists diagnose the cause of infertility and provide appropriate treatment to help individuals become parents. Infertility specialists provide medication or perform assistive reproductive procedures like in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT). They also conduct procedures like sperm and egg freezing to preserve an individual’s ability to have biological children. This can be especially beneficial during a stage where you can no longer conceive naturally.

Infertility Conditions Treated By Infertility Specialists

A fertility doctor typically covers the following infertility issues:

  • Hormonal Disorders

Disorders in the reproductive hormones can cause infertility in both men and women. These disorders can lead to conditions like premature menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and low testosterone.

  • Fibroids

Fibroids are muscle and connective tissue growths that develop in or on the uterus. The presence of fibroids can obstruct fallopian tubes and impair egg transport, subsequently causing infertility issues.

  • Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs inside or on the surface of ovaries. Usually, these cysts are harmless and disappear on their own. Some cysts, however, can be related to infertility.

  • Sperm Production Problems

Low testosterone can reduce sperm production. Low testosterone does not necessarily cause infertility directly. Men with low testosterone have a reduced sex drive and, in some cases, erectile dysfunction.

  • Varicocele

Varicocele is the swelling of the veins in the scrotum that are responsible for draining the testicles. Varicoceles can impact the quality and quantity of sperm. This can hinder their ability to conceive.

Consultation With an Infertility Specialist

With no dearth of highly skilled infertility specialists in the country, finding the one that is right for you can be challenging. LivLong, has empanelled a team of qualified and experienced doctors that are available for online and in-person consultations. During your first consultation, the doctor will discuss your medical history and outline the relevant fertility tests. With these tests, the infertility specialist can accurately diagnose the reasons for difficulties conceiving.

infertility-specialist in Kochi FAQs

 You can find and compare some of the best infertility specialist doctors in Kochi through the Doctor Consultation services offered by LivLong. You can select the specialist, select your preferred slot, and pay the consultation fees by using the LivLong website or the LivLong mobile app.

 A gynaecologist is a doctor specialising in the women’s reproductive systems. Gynaecologists usually diagnose reproductive system disorders, care for individuals with ovarian or cervical cancer, help pregnant women with childbirth. A gynaecologist who further specialises in infertility treatment can become an infertility specialist.  

 Yes, there are infertility specialists for men. These doctors are either urologists who specialise in men’s fertility or andrologists.  

 Not necessarily. However, you can opt for LivLong’s in-person consultation facility. You can find the list of top infertility specialists in Kochi available for online consultation using the LivLong website or mobile app.  

 The consultation cost varies from doctor to doctor and typically depends on their experience and expertise.

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