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    Know Your Dermatologist

    Dermatology is a branch of medicine that concerns with conditions and disorders of the skin, nails, and hair.The skin is the largest organ of the body, containing blood vessels, nerve endings, hair follicles, sweat glands, blood vessels, and various other structures. Therefore, in order to maintain your overall health, it is essential to incorporate skincare measures into your routine. Many skin conditions can be diagnosed and treated by internal medicine specialists and general practitioners, but a dermatologist has a broader knowledge of skin issues and more experience dealing with them.

    Who is a dermatologist?

    A dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the skin, nails, and hair. They also manage and treat conditions affecting the delicate tissues and mucous membranes that line the mouth, nose, and eyelids. In addition to the skin ailments, a dermatologist can help with the symptoms and signs of serious underlying health issues. For example, diabetes may lead to changes in the appearance of your skin, and dermatologists are the first medical professionals to notice such symptoms.

    You can visit a dermatologist, also known as a ‘skin doctor’, either directly in his office or clinic, or you can opt for a online consultation with a dermatologist for your hair, skin, or nail problems.

    When do you need to see a dermatologist?

    Contact a dermatologist if you are experiencing skin or hair problems and would like expert advice.

    A dermatologist or skin specialist will carefully examine your skin for the signs of skin concerns and disorders, including cancer of the skin. If you are worried about your skin and looking for trustworthy expert advice, you can find the best dermatologists or skin specialist doctors online.

    Some of the signs and symptoms that dermatologists can help with are listed below:

    • Dandruff
    • Extreme hair loss
    • Skin rash or irritation 
    • Skin itch  
    • Warts and moles
    • Wrinkles, sagging skin, and sun damage
    • Varicose Veins 
    • Scaly and flaky skin and scalp
    • Blemishes or skin discoloration
    • Fingernail problems

    Medical conditions treated by dermatologist

    Dermatologists treat a variety of medical conditions affecting your hair, skin, and nails. Among them, the most common medical conditions are:

    • Acne: Depending on the severity of your acne, a skin specialist may want to treat it with modern treatments ranging from medications, lasers, and light therapies to chemical peels.
    • Infections of the skin: Infections caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses can enter skin tissue and cause a variety of skin infections. A skin doctor can assist in determining the root causes of the conditions and providing the best course of treatment.
    • Cancerous lesions can appear anywhere in the body, including the skin. A skin specialist may remove cancer cells and then monitor them in order to make sure that they do not reoccur.

    Procedures performed by a dermatologist

    Dermatologists perform a wide range of procedures and processes, including everything from minor surgeries for the removal of skin tags to major treatments for skin cancer.

    Dermatologists perform the following procedures:

    • Sclerotherapy is a procedure used to treat and eliminate the effects of spider and varicose veins with the help of injecting chemicals in the affected veins, thereby improving their appearance.
    • Cryotherapy is a type of treatment that entails controlled exposure to cold temperatures to treat skin conditions, including skin tags, tumours, and warts.
    • Laser therapy: Using laser technique, moles, warts, sun spots, tattoos, dark spots, unwanted hair, and acne scars can be removed.
    • Biopsy: Dermatologists may perform different biopsies to identify skin cancer and other skin conditions.
    • Chemical peels: These peels help to reduce dark skin spots or blemishes while also slowing down the ageing process.
    • Dermabrasion is an exfoliating procedure used to treat acne scars, fine lines, signs of aging, and precancerous skin lesions.
    • Cosmetic procedures: A skin consultant may use Botox fillers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

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