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Rajni Munshi


I had a pain in my stomach & I was having certain symptoms & going to a clinic was very tough! But a friend of mine recommended this Online consultation. Surprisingly the Doctor heard my symptoms and recommended appropriate medicines as well! It was a great experience overall!

Puja Majumdar


I was experiencing problems in the stomach region and I felt it was because of something I ate a few days back, but when I talked to the Doctor I got to know that it was because of my liver. Great observation by the Doctor and the medications he gave is also working really well..

Priti Kakar


I booked a call for my gastric problems, and I have to say the service was really fast. Within minutes I received a call from the guys and in the blink of an eye I got my consultation booked as well. Great prompt service guys will definitely recommend to my family and friends!

Vihaan Sani


Yesterday a few days back I started experiencing chest burns and it was becoming really uncomfortable for me to work. I wanted an instant solution so I booked an online appointment & it was really instant. great guys!

Gastroenterologist in Ludhiana

A gastroenterologist is a doctor that specialises in the treatment of the digestive system. They are sometimes referred to as GI doctors or stomach specialists. If you are facing any digestive issues, it is recommended to consult a gastroenterologist and understand the root cause behind the concern. You’ll find a list of the best gastroenterologist doctors in Ludhiana on this page.

gastroenterologist in Ludhiana FAQs

You can ask around in your circle to look for the best gastroenterologist in Ludhiana for yourself or ask for recommendations from your doctor. Additionally, you can search stomach specialist doctors in Ludhiana online on websites such as LivLong.

You can easily book an online consultation with top gastroenterologist in Ludhiana through an aggregator like LivLong or directly with the gastroenterologist if they have an online presence. With the flexibility of online consultation, you can get access to the best healthcare across the country.

No, all gastroenterologist in Ludhiana may not be available online, but most of the gastroenterology specialists offer online consultation services. You can find the best gastroenterologist doctors in Ludhiana on LivLong.

No. Since most stomach specialists operate their clinics on weekdays during daytime, you may not be able to get access to them during odd times. In case of medical emergencies, you can go to the emergency rooms of the nearby hospitals and get optimum treatment.

If you are experiencing stomach problems that are not going away in a day or two after taking over-the-counter medication and/or home remedies, you should consult the stomach specialist. The following symptoms can be an indicative of when you need visit the gastroenterology specialist: a. Chronic constipation or diarrhoea b. Sudden unexplained weight loss c. Pain or cramps in the abdomen d. Nausea and vomiting e. Acid reflux or heartburn f. Loss of appetite g. Pain or difficulty in passing gas h. Bloating i. Stool with mucus or blood

Gastroenterologists treat the disorders of the digestive system by suggesting lifestyle changes, modifying your diet plans, medication, and sometimes even through surgery. A person who has trouble digesting food can visit a gastroenterologist for treatment.

Best gastroenterology doctors in Ludhiana are equipped to treat disorders such as: a. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) b. Irritable bowel disease (IBD) c. Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD) d. Celiac illness e. Diverticulitis f. Piles

If you notice any of the following symptoms, it is time to consult a gastroenterologist doctor: a. Issues in swallowing b. Persistent heartburn c. Severe abdominal pain d. Yellow colour in skin e. Prolonged diarrhoea or constipation

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