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Madhur Agarwal


Hard to find such doctors who are ready to listen to the patient and genuinely care about them. I give full stars to these guys!

Nitya Chaudhary


I was very embarrassed to do this Doctor consultation. How can one discuss personal problems so easily? But when i talked to the Doctor, it felt as if i was talking to a friend!

Arnav Soni


Some Doctors after listening to a few minutes start giving out medicines. But the Doctor i had for my consultation made sure that he listened to me first, know about the symptoms and then recommend to me the necessary lifestyle changes.

Prabodh Suri


I was scared to do this consultation because i had done this before and it was a bad experience. But honestly speaking at such an affordable price, i really got a good service without any hassles...

Sexologist in Mumbai

Being a human involves having a sexual orientation. Healthy relationships and personal well-being are facilitated by love, empathy, and sexual intimacy. But along with the benefits of human sexuality, there are certain challenges, conflicting feelings, and unexpected outcomes that could harm your sexual well-being. Improving sex life and conduct requires an open conversation about concerns related to sexuality.

Sexology is an integral and necessary part of a study that focuses on a variety of elements of human sexual conduct and sexual orientations including sexual maturity, sexual intercourse, sexual relations, sexual problems, and STDs.

A Sexologist who also serves as a sex counsellor works with clients to enhance and solve issues with their sex life, including unbalanced sexual desires, issues with having an orgasm, and sexless relationships. Clients can be an individual or a couple.

When should you consult a sexologist?

If a person develops any of these following symptoms, they should consult a sexologist.

  • Impotence (erectile problems)
  • Absence or postponed erection due to a lack of interest within and lack of desire for sex
  • The discomfort experienced during or after sexual activity
  • Dissatisfaction with penis size
  • Early orgasms
  • Masturbation issues
  • Arousal problems
  • Circumcision

sexologist in Mumbai FAQs

Sexual trauma, sexual assault, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and the difficulty in feeling intimate owing to past encounters are all addressed by sexologists. A sexologist's advice can frequently improve the intimacy between couples.

There are numerous choices available on the internet to find a sexologist in Mumbai. You can ask for recommendations from your primary care physicians or use online search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo and search for ‘sexologist in Mumbai’ or ‘sexual health clinics in Mumbai’ or ‘best sexologist hospital in Mumbai’ or utilise websites such as LivLong, where you can find a list of the best sexologists in Mumbai. You can select the top sexologist in Mumbai from a variety of web directories that have assembled a list of the best sexologists in Mumbai.

Finding a decent sexologist can be challenging in a big city like Mumbai, but there is a huge number of sexologists available who offer online consultations. You can schedule an online appointment with one of the top sexologists in Mumbai from a customised list provided on Livlong.

Erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia, paedophilia, problems with penis size, discomfort during sexual intercourse, and other sexual disorders are all treated by sexologists.

Your sexual health is key to a happy and satisfied life. To maintain your sexual health and to get treated for any sexual problems you are facing, you must consult the best sexologist in Mumbai. Consulting a sexologist can help people and couples address many sexual health and wellness issues, such as sexual dysfunctions and relationship issues, and provide counselling, therapy, and support.

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