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Know Your Dentist

Dentists are skilled medical specialists that assist with oral and dental health. Maintaining good dental health may directly affect your general well-being, so it's important to visit the dentist on a routine basis. One of many responsibilities that dentists have is to encourage patients to practise good oral hygiene. This lessens the chance of issues in the mouth or other body parts.

Moreover, dentists can diagnose and address problems with the teeth, mouth, and gums. When performing a dental operation, a dentist utilises tools such as X-ray machines, drills, lasers, scalpels, and  brushes along with contemporary technology. To practise good hygiene and keep the spreading of germs at bay, they also typically use gear like gloves, masks, and safety glasses.

Dentists and orthodontists both assist patients in enhancing their dental health through varying approaches. As a comprehensive medical discipline, dentistry addresses the problems of the gums, teeth, jaw, and nerves. On the other hand, orthodontics refers to a branch of dentistry with a focuse on improving bites, occlusion (fixing the way teeth in the upper and lower jaw come together), and the straightness of teeth.

A dentist and an orthodontist have comparable primary areas of interest in oral health. An orthodontist can work in the same dental practise as a dentist and perform the same services. However, extra training is required to be an orthodontist, just like a doctor does if they want to perform surgery. A dentist will do your root canal, teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, but an orthodontist will work on how your teeth are aligned, whether they are crowded or giving you an overbite or an underbite.

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