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Kshitij Sharma


Trust is something really important when it comes to choosing your surgeon…and trust me when I say, when you have a word with their Doctors you feel as if you have known them for a very long time…wonderful set of Doctors & trustworthy services for sure!

Bhavna Poojari


I had a surgery for a clot below my left ear and I have been following the plan shared by the General Surgeons at LivLong…I have been recovering really well and the medicines recommended by the doctors are helping as well!

Pujit Jha


I am all praises for the Doctors present on here. I was really worried about getting a surgery done which is the reason why I took a consultation to get guidance. The way they handled the entire situation is very commendable and I had a successful operation as well!

Anjali Shah


Consultations at LivLong have always been hassle free for me, I have been booking consultations multiple times for my dad who under went a major surgery and they make the entire experience really customer friendly!

Know Your General Surgery

Doctors that specialise in surgeries are referred to as general surgeons. A technique used to modify body tissues for identifying or treating a medical condition is commonly known as surgery. A general surgeon is a crucial member of a surgical team. This team has some other members, such as an anaesthesiologist, a surgical technician, and a nurse. Before surgery, you can discuss the operation you are undergoing with your surgeon. General surgeons can treat both adults and children.

A general surgeon is an expert in each procedure of a surgical operation, including preoperative planning, surgery, as well as postoperative care. They are well-versed in a range of illnesses and disorders that can afflict the human body. They will provide recommendations regarding whether you require surgery for your condition, and the best form of surgery you need. General surgeons are different from specialised surgeons like cardiac and neurosurgeons.

Specialists of general surgery can perform a range of surgical procedures on soft tissues, like the excision of cysts and small skin lesions. They may also work on procedures like hernia repairs, colectomies, gallbladder removal, operate on the endocrine system, and the vascular system (barring the heart).  General surgeons are also knowledgeable about surgical oncology, surgical critical care, and trauma surgeries (like operating on victims of gunshot wounds, stabbings, car crashes, among others).

Nowadays, procedures requiring minimum invasion such as laparoscopy are performed by general surgeon specialists. Small equipment, such as a microscopic camera, which allows a surgeon to observe the insides of your body, is utilised in a laparoscopic procedure. With such tools, a surgeon can conduct the surgery with very small incisions. With a conventional method, such incisions are generally large. Minimally invasive procedures allow quick healing, less blood loss, and pain. However, if the situation demands it, then the surgeon may resort to traditional surgical techniques. 

Frequently Asked Questions

General surgery consultation is needed if surgery is the only way to treat your medical condition after other rehabilitative steps have failed to work. Tumours, appendicitis, and cancer are a few of these conditions. General surgeons also come into the picture if you need a weight loss surgery, or if you require immediate medical attention due to perforated organs or tissues. General surgeons also work together with other speciality doctors when the treatment plan calls for a more invasive approach.

You can have a tele/video consultation with a LivLong affiliated doctor from the comfort of your home. General surgeon online consultation may also be available through our medical service platform. We have experienced doctors onboard, and we guarantee that your general surgeon online consultation will be private and confidential. You can also avail of free follow-up general surgeon online consultations within 7 days of your initial interaction. For the teleconsultation scheduling process, all you have to do is select the specialisation from our website, fill in the patient’s name and verify the OTP (one time password) sent to you, and confirm payment. Soon after you complete these steps, a LivLong executive will call you to assist with finding a slot. LivLong services over 19,000 pincodes across India, so you will be able to have a general surgeon online consultation from whichever state or city you are in. Our roster includes over 32 speciality and super speciality doctors, so if you have any other medical concern, you can book an appointment with a LivLong affiliated doctor at your convenience. LivLong fulfils this promise by providing doctors with a pan-Indian reach who can provide consultations in a variety of languages and who are sensitive to your needs.

A general surgeon is a doctor who focuses in carrying out surgical procedures on most body parts. Despite the term “general” being associated with their duties, they can perform complex procedures like hernia repair and relatively quick surgeries like appendectomies. General surgeons have a broad spectrum of knowledge about different parts of the body including the abdomen, the reproductive system, the vascular system, and the endocrine system. They are also equipped with the knowledge to think fast and be on their feet while dealing with trauma-related surgeries like massive infections, perforated tissues and organs because of gun shut wounds, stabbing, and car crashes.

A general surgeon treats the patient surgically, taking care of the diagnosis, preoperative, operation, and postoperative care. A general surgeon may do neck and head surgery, trauma and burn treatment, surgical oncology, organ transplants, and vascular surgery, among other procedures.

With more and more medtech platforms increasing in India and the world, a lot of new and experienced general surgeons are becoming open to doing video consultations with patients. If you are looking to for general surgeon online consultation, then choose LivLong for the best experience at reasonable prices.

If you have been recommended surgery, then you can get a second opinion from a general surgery online consultation. However, if you are meeting with a surgeon for the first time, then going prepared with some basic questions can be helpful in alleviating any stress you may have. The general questions you can ask a specialist in general surgery are: • What is the operation all about? The consultant general surgeon can explain what the surgery is all about, and what are the steps they take during the procedure. • Why do I need this surgery? The specialist in general surgery can explain how this surgery helps your medical condition. • Are there any treatment options besides surgery for my medical condition? You can ask the surgeon whether there are any medications or lifestyle changes that may help with your condition instead of surgery. • How will this surgery benefit my condition? • What are the risks and complications? • If I decide to not go forward with this procedure, what will happen? • What time of the anaesthesia will be used? • Will I need to undergo any tests before the surgery? • Are there any other specific precautions I need to take pre-operation? • How long will it take for me to recover and are there any specific post-op suggestions? • How much does this surgery cost?

The following are the most prevalent types of general surgery: • Appendectomy • Breast surgery for cancer patients • Colectomy • Gallbladder surgery • GERD surgery for patients who have heartburn and extreme acid reflux • Endocrine surgery for patients who have thyroid disease • Oesophageal surgery • Hernia surgery and repair • Haemorrhoid surgery • Liver resectioning surgery for patients who have liver cancer or liver disease • Pancreas surgery for patients who have pancreatitis, pancreas cancer, and benign pancreas tumours • Exploratory laparotomy in patients who have unexplained abdominal pain • Plastic and reconstructive surgery


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