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Lata Lall


The Doctor was nice & kind enough to explain what my problem could be and suggest some treatment that I could start…I would highly recommend LivLong for kidney related issues!

Ranjit Kuruvilla


I had to take an online doctor consultation for my wife’s kidney issues. And I must say we are really satisfied with the amazing results we've got by consulting him. Their understanding and knowledge about Kidney functioning really seems top-notch!

Rahul Naik


I had been feeling some pain while peeing and I was really concerned…so I booked a call with the Doctor. They really seem very competent and the diagnosis they gave was very reasonable and to-the-point!

Roshan Palan


We took a consultation for my 82 yr old mom and the Doctor was so patient with her and she explained everything to her so calmly, Me and my wife were really impressed! Definitely giving them five stars for such a quality service!

Know Your Nephrologist

Nephrologists are medical doctors who specifically deal with kidney-related disorders. An increase in the kidney problems has become a global concern. Every year, a large number of people are treated for a kidney injury or a chronic renal disease. Unbelievably, renal disease is one of the 12 causes of death globally.

Your urinary system includes your kidneys. They are bean-shaped organs that cleanse your blood of waste, extra water, and electrolytes. All this waste is removed from the body in the form of urine. 

Nephrologists are different from urologists because they care for conditions such as diabetes and renal failure that have an impact on the kidneys' capacity to function. Nephrologists also work on understanding how certain autoimmune disease, cardiovascular diseases, your lifestyle and diet can influence how your kidneys do their job. Urologists treat diseases of the urinary tract, mainly kidney-related illnesses like any type of obstruction and kidney stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have a nephrologist online consultation with platforms like LivLong. We have an affiliation with more than 600 doctors and over 32 specialty doctors with whom you can schedule an appointment from any part of the country. To avail of LivLong’s services, register patient information and verify the OTP sent to you and then transfer the fee via your preferred method of payment. Soon after, a LivLong executive will call you to help schedule a consultation. LivLong collaborates with medical professionals who are aware of your issues and provide consultations in a variety of languages.

Start by choosing a nephrologist from the list your health care physician provided. You can also seek advice from close relatives, close friends, and other medical professionals. LivLong is also where you will be able to connect with qualified medical providers. Get in touch for an online consultation with a nephrologist through LivLong.

The internal medicine subspecialty of nephrology deals with the kidney-related illnesses and their treatments. A doctor who focuses on treating kidney disorders is known as a nephrologist. Nephrologists are specialist for diseases, which influence the kidneys. However, they also can identify how kidney failure or a kidney disease affects some other parts of your body.  A general physician can tackle the initial phases of kidney disease, but usually a nephrologist is consulted to aid in the treatment as well as diagnosis if the condition is serious or complicated. 

If you show any symptoms of a kidney disease or any issues, which could bring harm your kidneys, you must visit a nephrologist. The nephrologist will review your overall medical history and prescribe tests for further investigation. A nephrologist online consultation can be done through LivLong. A smart approach to get professional medical guidance for kidney disease is through a nephrologist online consultation, which you can do in the comfort of your own home. You can also seek a second opinion regarding your current medical care or, suggested surgery or a transplant through an online consultant nephrologist.

Age and physical stature can affect the level of creatinine in your blood. An early indication of malfunctioning kidneys may be a creatinine level that is higher than 1.2 for women and more than 1.4 for men. Get your creatinine levels checked by booking a blood test through LivLong. Book a Kidney Profile or Kidney Function Test (KFT) with LivLong.

The nephrologist will interview you at your initial visit for crucial information from like how well your kidneys are working, and your medical history. They will also perform a thorough physical examination. If necessary, the nephrologist may also want to do blood and urine tests, as well as imaging tests for your kidneys.

Whether you are doing a nephrologist online consultation or visiting the doctor’s office in person, the experience can be daunting. So, having a list of general questions to ask can be helpful. You can refer to this list of questions for when you consult a nephrologist online or offline: • Why was a nephrologist recommended to me? • What is the cause of my kidneys' dysfunction? • How advanced is my kidney illness, and what does that mean? • How quickly is my kidney health deteriorating? • What can I do differently to stop the deterioration in kidney function, or reverse it? • What are my available treatment options, and how can I find out more about them? • What negative consequences can each form of treatment cause? • Who should I contact if I have any fresh issues or inquiries? • Should I adhere to any specific dietary recommendations? • Do I need to alter my lifestyle in any other ways?


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