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Lakshmi Chaudhuri

I am a sports person and a few days back I twisted my ankle while playing. I didn't feel it at that time but later on it increased. So for a safer side i booked an online consultation, so as to be sure. Good thing that i booked an appointment and took medicines, otherwise it would have been a bigger problem.

Namrata Sachar

My mom's knee was in pain and hence I couldn't take her to the Doctor's clinic. So I booked a consultation with an Orthopaedic & I was immediately served. The Doctor took a look at her knee and suggested appropriate treatment as well. Very happy with the prompt service.

Vijaya Babu

Very nice and professional Doctors are present on the panel. And the service was really fast too. Also the Doctors were well spoken and they made sure each and everyone of the problem was heard.

Ankit Vaidya

I had to head out of town in a few days and I got this muscle pain while doing some work. And I didnt have the time to go to a Doctors clinic. So just to fast track things, I booked an online consultation. I made the trip in time and still got treatment done, what a great service, thanks guys!

Know Your Orthopaedic

The human body has often been compared to a well-oiled machine with various parts that work codependently to ensure that a person can function and live life. Just like any complex structure, even the human body requires a foundation upon which it need to be built. Bones act as an anchor that holds tissue, skin, and organs together. Bones also ensure that humans can enjoy mobility and strength, both of which are necessary for survival. However, even bones are susceptible to damage resulting from wear and tear. To that end, you might require specific medical care from a doctor with expertise in bones. Such bone specialists are known as orthopaedic doctors.

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