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Kanti Sunder


I was worried because my kid wasn't feeling well. But the doctor firstly comforted me and then showed me how to take care of the problem. Felt really happy!

Rahul Roy


I was a bit hesitant for consulting a paediatrician, thinking they won’t be able to help. But after talking to these guys my view has completely changed.

Adnan Sen


My son is very hard to handle, but this is the first time a doctor has understood my situation so well and helped me with techniques to handle him.

Minakshi Mitahi


The Doctors felt like they were really personal with their advice, they were great listeners and were really empathetic to the situation. I am feeling at ease after this consultation!

Know Your Paediatrician

A paediatrician is a specialist trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases. They manage children's physical, behavioural, and mental care from birth until age 18. A child specialist may help diagnose health conditions and provide care and holistic health consultations to children. They check a child’s well-being at every stage (mental, emotional & physical) of development.

About paediatrics

Paediatrics is concerned with the health and medical management of children. The domain comprises children's social, physical, and mental health. Paediatric care encompasses a wide variety of paediatric health services (direct appointment or online paediatrician consultation), from preventative health care to the diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute disorders.

Roles of a paediatrician

A paediatric consultant is responsible for evaluating, diagnosing, and treating all children's psychological and physical health issues. The primary responsibilities of a child specialist are as follows:

  • (1) Diagnosing psychological and physiological medical conditions,
  • (2) Treating physiological health conditions,
  • (3) Developing treatment plans, and
  • (4) Examining the laboratory and diagnostic procedures and tests,
  • (5) Performing and supervising surgeries,
  • (6) Maintaining detailed and accurate documentation related to patient care.

When to consult a paediatrician

You may consult a paediatric doctor on an annual basis either directly or by an online paediatrician consultation. The child specialist keeps track of the child’s physical and emotional development and updates you, as a parent, about your child’s health status. The paediatrician is concerned with the status of the child’s illness and its long-term effects on the quality of life. They are responsible for the prevention, early signs, and proper management of health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paediatricians are doctors who treat children from birth until adolescence. They diagnose and treat congenital illnesses, infectious diseases, and chronic medical issues that arise in kids. Paediatricians deal with your child's health concerns and are familiar with how various diseases and ailments can influence a child's general well-being, and intellectual aptitude. One of the most important contributions of a paediatrician is to minimise new-born and child mortality. Paediatricians not only treat children who are severely or chronically unwell, but they also provide preventative health services to children from infancy until puberty. A paediatrician’s support provides the child and family the fortitude to go about their everyday lives. 

Family is crucial to paediatric treatment. A paediatric specialist alleviates pain and guides parents and caregivers on properly caring for the child's well-being. Families are better equipped to make decisions that reflect their values, traditions, and culture because of the intimate communication provided by paediatric care, which benefits the entire family's quality of life.

A paediatrician can provide intensive treatments for chronic diseases, organ malfunction, cancer infections and injuries, and congenital and genetic disorders. Child specialists are equipped to help your child deal with social pressures, problems with behaviour, mental illnesses, and disabilities in function, including anxiety and depression disorders, delays, and developmental issues. Paediatricians help keep children healthy by assessing their development and growth. They guide you and your child in disease prevention by offering general health advice and administering immunizations as needed. A child specialist also manages common injuries and disorders that affect children. They can also be consulted via online paediatrician consultation.

A paediatrician treats common and seasonal symptoms like fever, sickness, tiredness, vomiting, rashes, diarrhoea, severe headaches, ear discomfort, and sore throat. They may be consulted face-to-face or via an online paediatrician consultation.

A paediatrician is a physician who treats children with common health issues as well as those who are severely or chronically unwell. Moreover, they also offer preventative health guidance to healthy children.

Most patients' preparedness to move to an adult-treating physician is determined by their age and development. Your doctor will assist you in determining the appropriate age to transition care, which is often between the ages of 16 and 18, and in some cases even up to 21 years.

A paediatric surgeon and a regular paediatrician are two distinct physicians. Some paediatric surgeons may choose to work as a neonatal medical doctor in a tertiary neonatal centre to get expertise and broaden their understanding of palm-sized pre-mature new-borns–their physiology is not the same as that of a child or an adult. Surgical training emphasises the delicate finely stitched anatomy of organs, blood arteries, muscles, etc. They concentrate on treating the ill youngsters surgically. The paediatric surgeon is a skilled expert who uses anatomical artistry in their practice.

General paediatricians, on the other hand, have extensive understanding of child disorders ranging from common to highly unusual. Because no two children are alike, the sub-specialty expertise they gain via training is necessary in everyday practise. Their expertise is in medicine, physiology, genetics, metabolism, and anatomy regarding children.

The two specialties collaborate, and the diagnosis is determined by both the surgeon and the medic. The procedure is carried out by the surgeon, while the paediatrician cares for their pre- & post-operative medical requirements. Before becoming a consultant, both categories of doctors go through extensive training.

New-borns receive their initial screening tests soon after birth. After a few years, as they become older, children are assessed during routine check-ups, sick visits, and school. Your school may also require specific screening tests for youngsters. As kids and teenagers grow and develop, there is much to keep track of. As a result, healthcare practitioners test for different things at various stages of a child's development. They can accomplish this in a variety of ways. During the check-up, doctors might look for problems with a child's growth and development, hearing and eyesight, blood pressure, and dental health. They can check for the conditions using a blood test or other type of test like for high cholesterol or anaemia.

Availability of a paediatrician varies across specialities and the hospitals they are associated with. Paediatricians are available for online paediatrician consultation with prior appointments. They may be available for longer hours for online local and global patients, while they have fixed timings at their clinics and hospitals. 


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