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    Know Your Psychiatrist

    Psychiatry treats mental illnesses such as anxiety, mood swings and depression. It is a medical speciality that focuses on sustaining a person’s mental and physical well-being via the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of mental diseases. The domain is dedicated to improving an individual's mental health via medical or psychotherapy treatment. Psychiatry is a medical method that analyses a patient's cognitive process, behaviour, and attitude in order to treat them.

    Role of a psychiatrist

    A psychiatrist is a medical professional who specialises in psychiatry. They are skilled in recognising, diagnosing, and treating mental-health issues. They complete four years of medical school, followed by a one-year internship and three years of specialised training as a psychiatric resident. A psychiatrist doctor can distinguish between mental health concerns and other underlying medical diseases that may be associated with psychiatric symptoms.

    When should you consult a Psychiatrist?

    A consultant psychiatrist assesses your mental and physical problems. They diagnose and work with you to develop an effective treatment and recovery plan. They also give mental care and treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy and write drug prescriptions. Not all mental health issues need medical attention. Many seek therapy from psychologists, therapists, or counsellors first and later from psychiatrists.

    You may seek a direct or online psychiatric consultation for many reasons. The following are symptoms for which psychiatrists can provide support:

    1. Depression, worry, or anxiety
    2. Inability to sleep and body image problems
    3. Poor concentration, hallucinations, or delusions
    4. Inability to adjust to life changes
    5. Addictions, drug or alcohol abuse
    6. Obsessive thinking and emotional outbursts

    The next step

    The next step is to locate a local psychiatrist and create an open, conversational, and fruitful connection or seek an online psychiatric consultation. Finally, it's all about collaborating to improve your mental health and help you live a better life and thrive.

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