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    Concierge led Premium Healthcare Program

    With ‘HNI Global Care Cover’ & ‘HNI Care Program’

    HNI Global Care Cover

    Get comprehensive Cover for *IPD Hospitalization & OPD Day-to-Day Medical Needs

    *Insurance is powered by IRDAI approved Insurer

    IPD FeaturesDescription
    Global Sum InsuredUpto $10Million
    CoverageApplicable for Indians
    OPD CoverAvailable
    Cancer CoverAvailable
    PEDExcluded until expire of Period
    OPD FeaturesDescription
    Concierge Support24/7
    Doctor ConsultationsGP & Specialist Teleconsultations (In-person & At-Home)
    Lab TestsFull Body AHC
    Home CareHome Visit (Dietitian, Yoga, Gym Trainer, Physio, Attendant, Nurse-at-Home)
    Wellness BenefitsStress & Anxiety management, Gym (Discounted Membership), Session with Celebrity Doctors & Fitness Experts

    HNI Care Program

    Clinically curated Bespoke Healthcare Program

    Programmes offered

    Hypertension Management

    Hypertension Management

    Diabetes Management

    Diabetes Management

    Obesity Management

    Obesity Management

    Thyroid Management

    Thyroid Management

    PCOS Management

    PCOS Management


    Your Personal Healthcare Concierge

    Single touchpoint for all your Health needs

    One Point contact

    Facilitating green channel appointments for Hospital/Clinic visits
    Suggesting best available provider for clinical intervention
    Managing faster pre-authorization for admissions and claims settlement at discharge
    Organizing Home Care (GP at home, Physio, Nurse, etc.)
    Organizing second opinions for clients on request

    High Weightage

    Words of Appreciation

    I was suffering from grade-3 obesity, diabetes & hypertension and was detected with Vitamin D insufficiency & anemia during the initial assessment at the start of the program.

    The Livlong 365 team of specialists led by diabetologist, orthopedician & physiotherapist assisted in the management of health conditions with medicines & exercise. Our personalized health coach played a key role in diet control. Within 3 months, I was on a low dose of diabetes medication & lost 10 kgs of weight.

    Rajesh Mishra

    With poorly controlled childhood-onset asthma, anxiety, menstrual disturbances, and other health complications, I opted for Livlong 365 care management program. I was also detected with PCOS, hypothyroidism & hypertension when the program was started.

    Consultation with Livlong 365 specialists like gynecologist, pulmonologist & psychologist led to a marked improvement in the overall mental wellbeing & also helped to manage hypertension and asthma better with medicines & diet. Just in two months, my TSH, Vit. D & Vit. B12 levels are within normal range.

    Sonal Ahuja

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    Disclaimer : Livlong 365 is not an insurance company. We are a healthcare company who partners directly with health & wellness service providers that guarantee services to our members.