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Lata Lall


The Doctor was nice & kind enough to explain what my problem could be and suggest some treatment that I could start…I would highly recommend LivLong for kidney related issues!

Ranjit Kuruvilla


I had to take an online doctor consultation for my wife’s kidney issues. And I must say we are really satisfied with the amazing results we've got by consulting him. Their understanding and knowledge about Kidney functioning really seems top-notch!

Rahul Naik


I had been feeling some pain while peeing and I was really concerned…so I booked a call with the Doctor. They really seem very competent and the diagnosis they gave was very reasonable and to-the-point!

Roshan Palan


We took a consultation for my 82 yr old mom and the Doctor was so patient with her and she explained everything to her so calmly, Me and my wife were really impressed! Definitely giving them five stars for such a quality service!

Nephrologist in Thane

What is Nephrology?

In layman terms nephrology is the branch of medicine that studies the diseases of the kidneys.

Who is a Nephrologist?

A medical doctor who specialises in the care of kidneys is called a nephrologist. Your kidney doctor can examine you by ordering blood and urine tests, make a diagnosis, and treat your condition with the help of medication or a surgical procedure. Kidney specialists are experts on diseases that specifically affect the kidney and are knowledgeable about how a kidney dysfunction can affect other parts of your body. Normally, your general physician will work to help in the prevention and treatment of the early stages of kidney disease, but a nephrologist can be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of more severe or complex kidney conditions.

nephrologist in Thane FAQs

 You can find the best Nephrologist in Thane easily on the LivLong website. The LivLong website has an extensive list of specialist doctors available.

 The process for consulting with the best Nephrologist doctor in Thane online is as follows – log onto the LivLong website, enter your personal details, make the online payment, select a doctor of your choice, and speak to them at a time of your convenience.

 All the best nephrologist doctors in Thane may not be available for online consultation. However, as online consultation has become important for all doctors and patients today, most doctors may offer this service. You may need to visit your doctor post a preliminary online consultation to get a proper diagnosis. 

 Charges for best nephrologist in Thane can vary according to the number of years of experience and the location of the doctor’s clinic. Charges for consultation range from INR 500 to INR 1100 in Thane.

 No, you cannot consult the top nephrologists in Thane at any time of the day as most of them practice during specified time slots. However, you can use the LivLong website to book consultation appointment at your preferred time slot and to choose from an extensive number of doctors who are available throughout the day for consultation.

 Your general physician will recommend you to a top nephrologist in Thane in case of the following scenarios:

  • An increased risk of kidney disease
  • Frequent occurrence of kidney stones
  • A severe kidney infection
  • Changes in frequency of urination

You should monitor the following symptoms at home and consult with a kidney doctor in case of ill health.

  • High blood pressure: High blood pressure can damage the kidneys or even cause kidney failure. You should consult a kidney specialist to learn how to take better care of your kidneys with high blood pressure
  • Family history of kidney disease: If there is a family history of kidney disease, you should consult the best nephrologist doctor in Thane to learn about the prevention and cure before the onset of the disease
  • Brain fog: Episodes of forgetfulness or felling fuzzy are a symptom of kidney disease. In case you experience such episodes, you should consult a kidney specialist.
  • Diabetes: Having diabetes increases the risk of kidney disease. You should consult a kidney doctor to monitor your kidneys regularly.

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