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Sonam Banerjee


I was really having problems breathing and I couldn't understand why it was happening. I immediately booked an online appointment, because I dont like to be slack when something like this happens. Did the Doctor consultation. The experience was wonderful..

Gautam Natarajan


My dad had bronchitis in the past, hence I'm very careful about his health. I also don't generally trust going to clinics with such delicate conditions. Hence I wanted to go for Doctor consultation with these guys. The charges were quite reasonable and the service was also really easy going..didn't face much hassles..

Rahul Mistry


After COVID the situation was really bad overall and we are three family members, my wife and my son. We didn't want to take second chances and go the Doctor's clinic, hence booked an online consultation for all of them. Was very happy that the service was really consistent with all my family members. Super!

Jyotsna Kulkarni


Had booked a service for my mom who had chronic cough and heaviness in the chest. They immediately helped. Keep it up guys with this essential Health care service..

Pulmonologists in Vadodara

 Pulmonology is the medical science field that deals with respiratory disorders. Chest specialist doctors are experts in this area. They treat discomfort in the nose, throat, trachea, airways, larynx, bronchial tubes, and other parts of the respiratory system. The conditions treated under pulmonology range from minor discomfort to severe complications. A general physician helps you with mild symptoms. But if the condition is complex, they may refer you to a lung doctor, also known as a pulmonologist.  

Role of Pulmonologist Doctors

 Pulmonologists are chest specialist doctors that diagnose, treat, and manage respiratory conditions. Some lung specialists also have expertise in managing cardiac illnesses directly related to pulmonology. If an ailment affects both heart and lung function, pulmonologists coordinate with cardiologists for treatment. These lung specialists diagnose your respiratory disorders with blood tests, bronchoscopy, pulmonary function testing, etc. Depending on the abnormality, they adopt techniques like airway ablation, pulmonary hygiene, pleural biopsy, etc., for treating the ailment. 

Diseases Treated by a Pulmonologist

 Pulmonologist doctors treat the following respiratory conditions:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD is an illness that results from obstruction in the lung tissues. Exposure to smoke is the main cause of this ailment and it affects your breathing function. Lung doctors treat COPD by understanding its complications like bronchitis and emphysema.

  • Asthma

Asthma is a long-term ailment resulting from narrowed airways. There is no definitive cure for asthma. But a lung doctor helps you manage the symptoms with medications, biological therapies, and a bronchodilator inhaler.

  • Interstitial Lung Diseases

A group of ailments known as interstitial lung diseases result from scarring and inflammation in the lungs. Common causes for such conditions include side effects from medication, radiation therapy, inhalation of harmful chemicals, etc. Lung specialists use corticosteroids with a combination of other drugs and procedures to treat ILD.

  • Other Conditions

Lung doctors also treat other illnesses that obstruct the airways and compromise lung capacity. Such illnesses include breathing problems, sleep apnoea, neuromuscular disease, pulmonary embolism, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and lung cancer.  

Reasons to Consult a Pulmonologist

 You should consult a pulmonologist when you experience respiratory disorder symptoms. Such signs include chronic cough, breathing difficulty, chest tightness, sleeping issues, etc. A chest specialist doctor also helps you identify any underlying conditions in your respiratory system with a routine check-up.  

pulmonologist in Vadodara FAQs

 You can find the best pulmonologist doctor in Vadodara via online medical aggregator platforms like LivLong. LivLong lets you book an online consultation with experienced and reputed lung doctors instantly.  

 The online consultation process with the best pulmonologist in Vadodara involves booking an appointment, going through a physical examination, and following the suggested treatment plan.  

 Most of the top pulmonologists in Vadodara offer online consultation facilities at flexible hours but not all.  

 Unfortunately, you can consult pulmonologists in Vadodara online during specific time slots, based on their availability. You can check the available slot while booking appointments online.  

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