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How Much Does an Appendix Operation Cost?

Normally, we believe that all our organs fulfil a certain biological role that keeps our bodies functioning. But what if that wasn’t the case? Yes, you read that right. Scientists and researchers have long tried to understand the role the appendix plays in a human body but have not been able to come up with a concrete answer. If you are unfamiliar with the organ, the appendix is a thin, almost four-inch-long tube, which is a part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The GI tract is a group of organs that contribute to help your body digest food and absorb nutrients.

The appendix is a part of the GI tract and is located in the lower right part of the abdomen. Your appendix is attached to a part of the large intestine known as the cecum. This abdominal area is referred to as McBurney’s point by doctors and medical professionals. If applying pressure to the area causes pain or tenderness, a doctor can arrive at the conclusion that you may have appendicitis.


What is appendicitis?

Just because there is no definite function performed by the appendix, it does not mean that it is not susceptible to any illnesses. One of the common ailments that affect the appendix is appendicitis, which is an inflammation of the appendix that leads to pain in the lower abdomen, specifically on the right-hand side. Usually, most people start experiencing the pain at the navel initially, which then moves towards the right side. As the inflammation worsens, pain related to appendicitis increases and reaches a point of severity. Anyone can contract the condition of appendicitis; however, it tends to occur in individuals aged from 10 to 30 years. The standard treatment for appendicitis is appendix removal through a surgery.


  • Some of the symptoms of appendicitis are as follows:
  • Pain that starts suddenly in the lower-right area of your abdomen
  • Pain that abruptly originates around the navel and then shifts towards the lower right side of the abdomen
  • Pain that gets worse as you walk, cough, or make any other jolting movements
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Appetite loss
  • Mild fever, which can get worse as the condition progresses
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Bloating in the abdominal area
  • Flatulence
  • Do note that the location where the pain occurs can differ from person to person depending on the location of the appendix and the age of the patient. For instance, if you are pregnant, the pain might radiate from your upper abdomen since the appendix has shifted upwards due to the pregnancy.


What is an appendectomy?

One of the primary ways to treat appendicitis is through an operation known as appendectomy. An appendectomy is a procedure performed to remove the appendix. The surgery is undertaken because if appendicitis is left untreated, it may rupture or burst causing further complications, or even death.
An appendectomy is a fairly routine surgery, and numerous people undergo this procedure to have their appendices taken out. One of the ways to remove the appendix is to make a sizeable cut or incision in the area that falls to the lower right of the abdomen. This kind of procedure is referred to as an open appendectomy. The appendix can also be removed via a laparoscopic appendectomy by making small incisions.
Nowadays, more and more doctors are choosing to go for laparoscopic procedures as they reduce post-surgery pain and speed up recovery. You can find what to expect in a laparoscopic appendectomy here:


  •  You will be administered general anaesthesia so that you can be asleep during the surgery.
  • The surgeon will start off by making an incision close to your navel and insert a tiny device known as a port that forms an opening and fills your abdomen with a gas into this incision. This will create space for the surgeon to execute the procedure.
  • Then, a tiny camera will be inserted through the port, and when the doctor performing the surgery can see everything clearly, more ports will be put in to insert narrow, long instrument.
  • The doctor will then gently detach the appendix and remove it through an incision. The number of incisions can be between 1 and 4 according to the circumstances.
  • The doctor might put in a drain (a little plastic tube) to remove fluids from the surgery site when you are healing. This tube will be removed later.However, if the appendix is highly inflamed, if there is an abscess, if your appendix has burst, and/or if you have severe obesity or scar tissue, you might not be able to have a laparoscopic appendectomy. In such cases, your doctor will switch to open surgery.

What Is the appendicitis operation cost?

The cost for appendicitis surgery varies according to various factors such as the city, severity of the condition, the method of treatment, and the surgeon’s fees.
Nevertheless, you can expect an appendix surgery cost to be between Rs 18,000 and Rs 1, 70, 000. Thus, you can safely assume that the average cost of an appendix surgery in India is around Rs 66,000.


The cost of the operation will depend on factors like:

  • City: The cost of medical care in India varies from city to city. Thus, getting an appendectomy will depend on the city chosen to undergo the procedure.
  • Hospital: The cost of an appendectomy will also include hospital charges. If you choose to go with a private hospital, you will have to pay a lot more than you would have to in a government hospital. An appendectomy in a private hospital can costs around Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,00,000, whereas that in a government hospital can cost anywhere between Rs 15,000 and Rs 50,000.
  • Doctor’s fees: A doctor with more years of experience will charge a higher fee than a doctor with less experience. Since it would be better to go with a surgeon who is skilled enough to perform the surgery effectively, you will have to bear costs that may range from Rs 10,000 to Rs, 40,000.
  • Tests: The overall cost of the appendix surgery costs will also depend on the diagnostic tests you have to undergo prior to the operation. These expenses can cost up to Rs 2000 to Rs 10,000 depending on the tests you are required to undergo.
  • Technique used: The costs for a laparoscopic appendectomy and an open appendix surgery are different in India. While an open-surgery costs anywhere from INR 30,000 up to INR 40,000, laparoscopic surgery will cost around INR 45,000 to INR 60,000.
    If you have medical insurance, a portion or the entirety of your medical costs will be cover by your policy. Now that you know basics about an appendix surgery, you can ensure that you opt for the one that is most suited to your health and keep an eye on the medical costs for the treatment as well.
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