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10 Ways To Boost Your Immune System During Cold And Flu Season


Asha and her family recently recovered from pneumonia, and their immune system was affected pretty severely. She was afraid of contracting another disease that would make them weaker. She had a tiny baby at home, so she was very stressed and started experimenting with different immunity booster supplements, and it caused a severe side effect on her child.

cold and flu immunity

She was confused and did not know what to do, so she contacted a nutritionist to get more information and understand what was best for her family.

The nutritionist provided her with various immunity booster tips and tricks.

10 Methods Through Which You Can Boost Up Your Immune System

1. Eating immunity booster food: Any disease can stay away from you if you consume foods that boost the immune system; therefore, it is always suggested to eat and drink very high in nutrients. It can help your body become strong by providing it with the essential nutrients and proteins. An immunity booster food with lots of fiber and protein can be found easily on the market.

2. Drink immunity booster drink: In the market, there are various artificial immunity booster drinks available that help increases your body’s immunity and prevent diseases. There are different herbs and essential items that you can find in your kitchen. Drinking ginger tea, milk with turmeric powder, or even consuming a tulsi-infused tea helps build up immunity.

3. Consume immunity booster fruits: Citrus fruits are filled with antioxidants and vitamin C. Now, immunity booster fruits like grapefruit, oranges, lemons, kiwi, etc., have a rich content of such Vitamin. At least 70gms of Vitamin C should be consumed to protect your body from any sickness. Fruits help in quick recovery from any kind of disease.

4. Immune system booster supplements: If you don’t have easy access to the market and the vegetables sold are very chemical it is advised to take supplements as it works the same.

5. Immunity booster vegetables: Broccoli, red bell peppers, garlic, onion, spinach, and seeds of some vegetables are high sources of vitamins and proteins for your body which you need daily to fight various diseases. Leafy and green salads are some of the best immunity booster vegetables which you can have.

6. Expose yourself to sunlight: Vitamin D is essential for the body, so soak yourself in vitamin D by spending a few hours in sunlight.

7. Exercise daily: Exercise is the best way to build up your immunity. When you work, release your muscles, and body removes toxins out of the body. It makes your body fit and helps you maintain a proper weight.

8. Avoid consuming alcohol: Cold and Cough affects people quickly who consume alcohol. So avoid drinking alcohol and lead a healthy lifestyle.

9. Get your vaccines at regular intervals: there are various vaccines available for pneumonia that can help you stay protected and safe from various diseases and will immune your body to fight various diseases. Vaccines help in increasing the immunity power and give your body extra strength.

10. Get proper sleep: You must get 6-8 hrs. of rest. To get your immune system strong. So take adequate rest and sleep properly and keep pneumonia at bay. Sleep is a significant factor in keeping your body fit and fine. Lack of sleep will lead to a weak immune system and decreases your energy level.


The winter month is full of disease, and flu is a common disease that everyone faces. To stay healthy, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow a proper diet. But it is also essential to keep active and be free as your mental health also matters.

This blog has certain pieces of information which you can follow to stay healthy and stay protected from cold and flu.



Why is it essential to immune our body from germs and illness?

A robust immune system is a protector of diseases. It protects you from all kinds of conditions and helps your body act as a guard against several diseases. If your immune system is not strong enough, then your body will attract more and more diseases. A sign of a healthy body is a robust immune system. If you want to stay away from diseases and want a healthy body, you need to strengthen your immune system.

How to understand if my immune system is weak?

A weak immune system will show you certain signs. You will fall sick very frequently. You will have an upset stomach almost every other day, a cold that doesn’t go away easily, or you will experience a high level of stress.
A weak immune system means a weak body, and you will not be able to lead a healthy life because almost every other day, you will be sick, and your body will feel tired.

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