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7 Best Ointment For Vaginal Itching | Livlong

Being a woman is not an easy job! Moreover, in today’s world, there is hardly any sphere where women have not made a mark for themselves keeping themselves at the same level as men. However, sometimes things like vaginal itching may make them withdraw from showing their potential because they fear embarrassment. Vaginal itching is a very uncomfortable situation any woman may experience. The main cause of this itching like any other itching is often infection or a skin disorder.

Most of the time, vaginal itching issues can be dealt with effectively with the help of vaginal cream for itching. The problem comes in choosing the best ointment for vaginal itching.

vaginal itching

Let us help you identify the best and most recommended antifungal cream for vulvar itching.

Common Causes of Vaginal Itching

  1. Irritant Chemicals: The first common cause of vaginal itching is the use of irritant chemicals. Some soaps, detergents, creams, fabric softeners, and toilet papers tend to lead to chemical irritation, which ultimately leads to vaginal itching and irritation.
  2. Yeast Infection: Second most common reason for vaginal itching is a yeast infection. Although yeast is present in a woman’s vagina, when the growth gets abnormal, it may lead to an infection resulting in symptoms like itching.
  3. Bacterial Vaginosis: Third main cause of itching in the vagina is BV or Bacterial Vaginosis. This condition takes place due to an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria in the woman’s vagina.
  4. Skin Diseases: On the other hand, skin disorders like Eczema and Psoriasis also may lead to itching in the genital region. There might also be symptoms like rashes and scaly texture around the vagina in such cases.
  5. STD or Skin Transmitted Diseases: Likewise, sexually transmitted diseases can lead to vaginal itching. Apart from itching, one may experience discharge issues due to unprotected sexual intercourse and STDs.
  6. Stress: Another common cause of vaginal discomfort or itching is stress. Stress is indeed one big reason for many emotional as well as physical health conditions. Stress can make your immune system weak and as a result, your body will be prone to infections like vaginal infection leading to itching in your genitals.
  7. Menopause: Women undergoing the menopausal phase experience reduced estrogen levels due to which they may experience vaginal itching. This condition is often termed vaginal atrophy, where there is excessive dryness in the vagina that becomes the prime cause of vaginal itching.
  8. Vulvar Cancer: Lastly, vaginal itching could be the initial symptom of vulvar cancer. This cancer that gets developed in the vulva, an external part of women’s genitals, often leads to first vaginal itching, followed by abnormal bleeding, and discomfort in the vulvar area.

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Best Options of Vaginal Cream for Itching

Here is a list of ointments for vaginal itching:

  1. Monistat Care Instant Itch Relief Cream: The topmost selling antifungal cream for vulvar itching is Monistat Care Instant Itch Relief Cream. It contains the number one formula for vaginal itching and offers instant relief of itching in a woman’s private part. However, it is not advisable to use this cream if you are also suffering from vaginal discharge issues.
  2. Clotrimazole-7 Cream: This is a perfect medicine to cure your vaginal infections like yeast infections and other fungal infections. It is an antifungal that helps give relief from vaginal itching, burning, and discharge issues too. The creams are to be applied directly outside the vagina to get relief from itching symptoms.
  3. Fluconazole: This again is an anti-fungal medicine to treat the infections of the vagina caused by the fungus. Not just for vaginal itching, this ointment is often prescribed by doctors for fungal infections of other body parts too.
  4. Candid B Cream: This Candid cream for vaginal itching is widely prescribed to treat fungal infections. It is safe to be applied on exterior body parts like outside of the vagina too. Besides being a good treatment option for vaginal itching, it has shown effective results to cure ringworm, athlete’s foot, and sweat rash issues too.
  5. Candid-V Gel: If you are somehow unable to get the candid cream for vaginal itching, you may get the Candid-V Gel that is easily available at pharmaceutical stores. It is a very effective gel to treat vaginal itching, burning, and abnormal discharge issues. The formula used in this gel kills the fungi by directly destroying their cell membrane.
  6. Vagisil Ointment: This is a medicated cream that provides relief from vaginal itching and irritation. This ointment for vaginal itching can be applied around the anus and vagina. The main ingredient used in this cream is Lidocaine, therefore, people allergic to Lidocaine and pregnant or lactating mothers should avoid using this ointment.
  7. Lotrimin Ointment: Vaginal itching is often caused due to yeast infection. For this, you can consider using Lotrimin Ointment. The formula used in this cream is efficient to give quick relief. Even men can use this cream on their penis to treat yeast infections. This antifungal cream comes with an applicator for ease of use.

How to Pick the Best Vaginal Itching Ointment?

Some factors that you must consider when buying a vaginal cream for itching are:

  1. Doctor’s Prescription
  2. Type of Infection
  3. Type of Medication
  4. Customer’s Review
  5. Price

When to See a Doctor for Vaginal Itching?

If you experience mild vaginal itching, you are most likely to experience relief in the symptoms using any of the above-mentioned ointments for vaginal itching.

When to See a Doctor for Vaginal Itching

However, if you don’t see any improvement and the condition worsens, don’t delay consulting your gynecologist. It could be then an early symptom of a serious disease.

The Bottom Line

Much of the relief from vaginal itching can be attained using the antifungal creams mentioned in this article. Besides, ensure proper hygiene at your genitals and try to keep your vagina clean and dry using a gentle cleanser. Apart from this, try to avoid using scented lotions, soaps, and products around your vagina. Try not to indulge in unprotected sexual intercourse and wear cotton underwear to ensure the prevention of vaginal itching symptoms.

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