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5 Mudras for Healthy Hair: How Mudras Prevent Hair Loss and Make it Grow Faster

Have you faced issues with hair growth and tried every possible thing without seeing results? Have you tried all shampoos that promise quicker hair growth, making hair roots stronger, but still haven’t seen any tangible results? Well, here is something that will surely fix your issue. Yoga is known to have amazing benefits for the overall health of human beings. This includes physical and mental health, as well as little things like better hair growth and prevention of hair fall. You read that right. There are yoga mudras or poses that aid in hair growth.  While this process may take a little longer than you hope, the results will be visible, and more importantly, long-term. Yoga exercises, unlike chemical treatments, heal the root cause of your hair fall, thus fixing the ailment and aiding better and stronger hair growth. 

5 Mudras for Healthy Hair: How Mudras Prevent Hair Loss and Make it Grow Faster

Now you may wonder how that is possible. It’s simple, really. The following yoga mudras for hair growth allow better blood flow to the head, thereby directly aiding in hair growth. 

Kapalabhati: This is a very simple yoga mudra for hair growth. This simple breathing pose is a mind and body activity, which cleanses the body of toxins and revitalizes and purifies blood and blood flow, as a result of better oxygen supply to the body, particularly the face and head.  It is a very simple exercise and best done early in the morning. You simply sit on the ground with your legs crossed, one leg over the other, with a straight back and palms resting on your knees, with the thumb and index fingers touching. The palm should face upwards. Then relax all your muscles and just focus on your breathing.

Sirsasana- Sirsasana or headstand is perhaps the best mudra for hair growth. As the name suggests, you basically just do a headstand. For beginners, it is advised to start slow and take some support from a wall or ask someone to provide support. While in the Sirsasana pose, just focus on breathing. This exercise is also great for delaying and preventing greying of the hair, preventing thinning of the hair, and premature breakage.

Adho Mukha Svanasana- Adho Mukha Svanasana or popularly known as the Downward-facing Dog pose, is another popular yoga mudra for hair growth.  To try this out, all you need to do is first stand on all four limbs, with your palms and knees touching the floor or yoga mat. Then raise your legs to go on your feet, pushing your body back as you do so. Your hands would follow. Now, keeping your feet and palms firmly on the ground, make a V shape or mountain shape with your body. One of the 12 steps to the Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation, the Downward- Facing Dog position is essentially a resting step, allowing your body to rest a few seconds between poses, and with your head tilted down, it allows for better blood flow to the head, thereby aiding hair growth. However, caution must be taken while performing this pose as it is not recommended for everyone. People suffering from High Blood Pressure, Diarrhea, Eye problems like weak capillaries, Shoulder dislocation and such, are not advised to try this out.

Uttanasana: Uttanasana or the Camel Pose is yet another effective hair growth yoga mudra that is quite simple to do and also promotes flexibility in addition to quicker and better hair growth. To do this mudra, you need to stand straight, feet firmly set on the ground. Then lift your arms straight up and stretch them, then bend your torso so as to keep your feet straight, no bendy knees and hold your feet with your hands. Stay in this position for a few seconds and focus your breathing. This pose is extremely helpful in the way that it helps relax and stretch your muscles and also promotes the better transmission of oxygen in the body, leading to better blood flow to the head. However, as with most other poses, this pose also requires a certain level of skill and vigilance. Beginners are advised not to push too hard as bending that much forward may not come as easy. Take it slow and see gradual progress. This exercise should also be avoided by people suffering any sort of back injury or ailment. 

Sarvangasana: Sarvangasana or the shoulder stand is a very effective yoga pose for hair growth as well. This simple exercise can be done easily, even if you are a beginner. Start this pose by Lying down on your back. Then lift up your body so that your feet are up. Provide support by placing your hands on your hips and pushing your body as far up as possible so that your back is also lifted. Just your shoulders and head touching the ground.  This seemingly simple exercise can also have its own hazards. People with back and shoulder problems should not try this. This exercise is great for working on your balance. 


Yoga can be practised by all people, regardless of age and gender. There are no limitations as to what a person can and cannot do, except those which are medically unsafe due to some existing physical condition. While a perfectly healthy person can do all of these gradually, working and improving his balance and strength, people with problems like Blood Pressure, Injuries, Slip Disc, and other serious physical ailments should consult their medical practitioners before trying out new yoga poses and do them as per recommendation. These simple mudras are sure to help in hair growth and rejuvenation. By building healthier roots, yoga mudras provide long-term solutions for your hair fall. As such, even though it may be a slower process, it is worth the time and effort. Additionally, by not using chemicals unnecessarily, you can promote better hair and scalp health. Not to mention, not all products in the market suit everyone, and can make your problems worse if they are unsuitable for your health. 


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