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6 Foods Every Woman Must Eat For Excellent Health and Vitality

Introduction – Reason for Low Vitality in Women

Women are always looking for foods that will help them lose weight and attain the bodies that they see on social media, on entertainment series and in movies. And then they also want to be amazing moms, boss ladies, caregivers for ageing parents, social butterflies and they want to give back to society and be activists and … the list of everything that today’s superwomen want to be is never ending. 

There’s a lot of momfluencers who juggle their kids, husbands, jobs, social lives, careers and of course “being woke” and make it look effortless. The key words in the sentence were “make it look” in case you didn’t notice. 

So how do us regular folk, regular ladies from planet earth with human metabolism and only 24 hours in a day manage so much? How do we maintain vitality when we’re expending energy endlessly but haven’t got time to rest sufficiently? 

Well, to be honest, no matter what expectations you and society have placed on you, you do need to get enough rest. We’re talking 7-8 hours of sleep every night. 

That said, you also need fuel. That’s right. You need health foods that give you energy and promote vitality. Especially if you have a bun in the oven and are looking for a pregnancy diet, but also if that’s not your goal, nutritious food is essential. 

In this article we are going to look at 6 foods for vitality that comprise nutritious food or a healthy diet for all women and also double up as must-haves in a pregnancy diet. 

But before that, let’s look at: 

The fundamentals of vitality

Meaning and essence

Vitality refers to being strong, active and energetic. It is also used to refer to the ability to live, grow and develop. It is also used as a euphemism or polite term for sexual performance. All three nuances are relevant in this discussion.  

Factors that affect vitality

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression 
  • Low energy levels arising from lacking nutrition or lacking metabolism, or conditions like diabetes
  • Obesity and undesirable weight gain 
  • Bloating associated with poor digestion or menstruation
  • Heart disease in slightly older women 
  • Insomnia


In addition, in the context of vitality linked to libido and sex drive, factors like painful sexual intercourse and breast tenderness could have a negative impact. 

Fortunately, a lot of these problems can be minimized with a healthy diet. Now let’s look at those foods, as promised.

6 foods with amazing vitality benefits

1. Spinach 

This superfood should come as no surprise because spinach is widely recognised as a health food. Spinach is both loved and hated for its flavour but people who don’t like it’s flavour probably just need to try balancing the earthy taste of spinach with nutty flavours and of course, chilli. 

Find a way to include spinach in your diet because it is an excellent source of protein. In addition, it is very rich in magnesium. Very few people know this, but magnesium is essential to promoting de-stressing and longer sleep. It can also help reduce PMS and the breast tenderness and bloating that come with it. 

2. Walnuts

Another unsurprising name on this list of essentials for a healthy diet, walnuts are delicious and nutritious (you add in a few of them to balance out your spinach too!). 

Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that have a whole world of benefits including combatting depression. They also promote healthy bones and keep osteoporosis and arthritis at bay because they also pack in vitamin B9, calcium and magnesium. More on B9 below. 

3. Cranberries

Now now, don’t use this as an excuse to binge on too many Cosmopolitans.  Gorge on these tartly sweet, delicious berries to keep heart disease and bay and also avoid painful sexual intercourse arising from UTI, not to mention all the weakness and fever that might accompany it. Cranberries help to cure urinary tract infections, which are an increasingly common issue in large corporate offices where many employees share staff toilets for an entire floor. 

4. Oats

Oats are flush with nutrients that are essential to vitality, health and overall well-being. They are rich in vitamin B6 and also vitamin B9 or folic acid, which is always recommended during and after pregnancy because of its properties in converting glucose to energy efficiently. It also minimized the chance of birth defects. 

Even if you aren’t on the brink of motherhood, oats are a good inclusion in your diet because they promote healthy digestion and reduce PMS effects thanks to being rich in vitamin B6

5. Curd/ Yoghurt

Countless people manage ice cream cravings by reaching for a cup of cool, refreshing yoghurt instead. Curd is excellent for preventing vaginal infections and for keeping heart disease at bay. It promotes immunity to diseases, healthy digestion and stronger bones. It is rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B12, calcium ahd magnesium. 

6. Flax seeds

Want to add some crunch and bite to a salad? Sprinkle on some (sufficiently roasted but not over roasted) flax seeds. You can also sprinkle them on stir fried veggies. Get your dose of flax seeds because they are one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. We’ve already talked about the amazing benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, flax seeds keep irritable bowel syndrome at bay. 


Just like fuel keeps a car running and smartphones are kept going by big batteries, you need batteries and refueling to juggle all the components of your life efficiently. Do yourself (and everyone who depends on you) a favour and get the nutrition that you need by eating healthy, so that you can be there for your parents, your kids, your partner, your bosses, your clients and everyone else in your universe. 

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