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7 Tips on How to Avoid the Flu and Cold This Winter Season


“Christmas is on the way,” shouted Amisha in bed. She again had a dream about Santa Claus giving her gifts. She was always excited about winter because of how cozy it gets and how she gets to have hot chocolates all the time. Her friend Aisha was about to go on a family trip and would be back just before Christmas.

Darjeeling being the vacation destination, she was thrilled to know about it but a little sad that her friend would be away for a while. After her friend went away, Amisha didn’t take good care of herself while the winter season was just about to start. She ate junk food, went out in crowded places, and did not follow the simple guidelines of wearing a mask or using a sanitizer.   Aisha, on the other hand, took great care of herself. She wore a show whenever they went out, frequently washed hands, ate healthy foods, wore warm clothes, and disinfected frequently touched areas often.

Aisha’s vacation was short but not out of fun; her family didn’t forget to take precautions against the cold weather. Afterward, when they came home, they saw Amisha’s family suffering from cold and cough or pneumonia and couldn’t enjoy Christmas. But Aisha and her family were fine, and they were able to celebrate Christmas, but Amisha couldn’t and missed all the action. It happened because they didn’t take proper precautions for the cold, and her friend did.

7 Methods to Avoid Cold and Cough

So, the seven ways to common cold prevention or cold and cough this winter season are: –

1. Washing Hands Often 

This step is the most important given the Covid-19 situation we all have been living in. Washing hands before eating, after the bathroom, and after coming home can keep the germs at bay and prevent any unwanted flu or cold. The flu and cold germs often float in the air and can quickly get stuck to our hands.

2. Have some Flu medicines 

Take some flu medicines or shots if available, as they can strengthen your immune response. These shots protect us from bloodstream infection, cold and cough, and meningitis. One can also have homeopathic medicines.

3. Sleep a lot

Sleeping can be expensive in our busy lives but often overlooked. Getting at least 7 to 9 hours will boost the immune system, helping put up a defense against such cold and cough. Also, being cozy in the cold is so pleasant.

4. Balanced meals

A healthy diet always leads to a healthy and robust body. Having a nutrient-rich diet can fight off pneumonia and the common cold. Eating a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables also helps us with the cold and cough.

5. Avoid Large Crowds

One of the causes of the common cold is large crowds as in confined spaces, and flu spreads more quickly. Especially in Covid-19, it’s crucial to avoid a big group and, if necessary, wear a mask when you go out. Keep distance from people who are sick, have symptoms of cold or sneezing as these are the cold and flu symptoms. This drastically reduces the risk of you getting a cold and cough.

6. Face away from your fingers

Germs spread from fingers, too, as the finger often comes in contact with contaminated things. We sometimes unknowingly touch our eyes, nose, or mouth in public or after touching something contaminated. Also, clean and disinfect doorknobs, toys, phones, and even switches. 

7. Stay home when sick

After being quarantined by our countries in many parts of the world, we are well aware that when sick, it’s best not to go outside. This will not only prevent spreading the sickness to others, but also the sick person will be prevented from getting more ill. 

Lastly, let’s understand the difference between cold and flu, as cold and cough are quite different. The common cold is more about a person suffering from cold and cough, which we can find in every second person in the house suffering from.

The symptoms are: 

  1. Sore Throat
  2. Runny Nose 
  3. Cough 
  4. Fever
  5. Nasal Symptom 


Common cold treatments include staying healthy, wearing multiple-layered cloths, and some home treatments like gargling with hot water, steam intake, or ginger tea. Avoid cold weather, moisturize and stay hygienic.  

Whereas flu is an escalated version of the common cold, it can make you feel quite sick.

The symptoms are as follows:

  1. Muscle aches
  2. Congestion
  3. Sore throat
  4. Headache
  5. Muscle aches and soreness
  6. Congestion 
  7. Fever 


Doctors will direct flu or cold and cough treatments, so visiting a clinic would be a better option. Also, drinking can bring down the immune system, so booze-less days are recommended but always keep yourself moisturized. Exercise might also be a good idea as post-exercise inflammation boosts the immune system.

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