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Are You Feeling Tired During The Day? Know Your Reasons

Tiredness is often not considered a major reason for concern. Feeling tired after a day of hard work can seem usual but feeling tired all day is not a common occurrence, or it shouldn’t be.

If you are feeling fatigued all day, there may be underlying reasons that factor into it. Feeling tired during the night is common, especially for people with day jobs. However, if you are feeling tired during the day or after waking up and slumping through your day dreadfully, it may be time to consult with a physician regarding your condition.

There are several reasons for feeling tired most of the time. Here are a few reasons for chronic lethargy that you can monitor and manipulate in your routine to stop feeling tired all day:

Dietary Deficiencies

Diet is the primary factor that contributes to your energy levels throughout the day so your body can function. Following strict weight-loss diets that prohibit your body from getting the necessary nutrients makes you feel tired all day. Your body lacks the necessary amounts of fats, fibers, and calories required to maintain homeostasis in its system.

Additionally, vitamin and mineral deficiencies have a stronger effect, thus leaving you feeling fatigued all day. You can get a routine blood test done to check if the levels of vitamin B-12, vitamin D, potassium, magnesium, and iron are adequate. If not, you can opt for vitamin supplements or introduce foods high in vitamins and minerals into your diet.

To prevent feeling tired, have balanced meals at regular intervals and try not to skip meals, especially if you are working. It expends more energy that your body cannot produce without proper meals.

Inadequate Sleep Or Sleeping Disorders

Adults need anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep and children need much longer periods of rest. If you do not get adequate sleep through the night, or whenever your schedule permits you to, feeling tired during the day becomes a by-product.

For your body to prepare for the challenges of the next day, it needs to sleep and recoup. If you make a habit of staying up late and not getting enough sleep, the body and brain are unable to cooperate or even evaluate problems.

Develop a healthy sleeping habit to avoid feeling tired all day. If you are losing sleep due to disorders such as apnea, consult a doctor to reach an appropriate solution. Most sleep disorders are easily managed with medication or changing routines.


Obesity has various adverse effects but feeling tired is the worst one. The body is unable to produce enough energy to support the daily tasks, thus making you feel tired all day.

You need to identify an efficient technique to lose weight healthily while still incorporating the necessary dietary requirements to avoid feeling fatigued all day.


Inactivity can make you feel tired all day if you have a sedentary living routine. It causes excessive muscle relaxation and stiffness that disallows you to use the energy produced by your body.

When you actively partake in daily chores or complete tasks that require a lot of movement, your body tends to burn calories faster, thus producing massive amounts of energy, thereby making you feel lively and enthusiastic. On the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle disallows the body from burning fats and calories thus leaving no energy in your system.

Anxiety and Stress

Stress is the root of all bodily problems including physical distress and fatigue. When your mind is anxious, your body interprets a risky situation and releases adrenaline and cortisol to handle the situation.

When this happens occasionally, your body can manage the rush, however, if it is a case of chronic anxiety and stress disorders, your body tends to lose resources far more quickly. This leaves you feeling tired at inappropriate times during the day.


If you suffer from depression, please seek medical advice at the earliest. Aside from the health factor that makes you feel dull, depression also invites feeling fatigued all day. Your brain utilizes massive amounts of energy, thus leaving your body feeling tired and dejected. Eventually, you get caught in a vicious cycle of feeling tired during the day and night. It leaves you lacking the motivation to do anything, making you feel more depressed.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

One of the worst reasons you could be feeling tired all the time is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and unfortunately, there are no tests to determine whether or not you have it. Sleeping does not affect it either so it is a critical problem.

If you are tired all the time despite sleeping or resting adequately and have no psychological causes for fatigue, you must consult a doctor. If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, there are a few mental exercises and movement ranges that you can practice controlling how tired all day you are.

Certain Medications

Some drugs have the effect of fatigue as a side effect. If you recently started taking a medication that is causing you to infrequently feel tired all day, check the label.

When acquiring your medications, discuss the elements that you are allergic to If the prescribed medication is composed of those drugs or ones that cause sleepiness, request alternative medications from your doctor.


It is a condition that leaves you feeling tired due to muscle tenderness and pain. Not only does it affect your serenity to rest peacefully but the pain can be unnerving, thus making you feel excessively tired all day.


Diabetes is a prominent reason for feeling tired all day. The condition that causes low to no amounts of insulin prevents regulation of blood sugar. Thus, you are left feeling fatigued all day and you keep losing your concentration.

Some of the reasons mentioned above for feeling tired are often overlooked by patients with chronic disorders as a subsequent result of diseases. However, the causes of the two can be entirely independent of each other.

If you are feeling tired during the day despite getting proper rest, it is best to consult a sleep specialist and seek medical advice to rectify the problem. At the very least, try some home remedies to allow your body to rest and prevent feeling tired all the time.

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