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Benefits Of Keeping Snake Plants In Your Bedroom

To uplift the aesthetic look of your home as well as your office, you must incorporate snake plants into your home décor. The plant comes up with sword-like leaves that grow straight and upwards. Since they are easy to maintain, hence you will find them indoors like in homes and offices. The leaves of the plant are poisonous and may cause inflammation and numbness if consumed in large doses. So, always keep these plants away from your children and pets. Snake plant benefits are endless as they reduce indoor air pollution.

Snake Plant Varieties

Let’s take a look at various types of snake plants.

1. Bird’s Nest Snake Plant

This plant is also called Hahnii and it grows up to 6 feet. The leaves of the plant have many similarities to a bird’s nest shape.

2. Cylindrical Snake Plant

This type of snake plant possesses round leaves and may grow up to several feet in length. The leaves of the plant often look like a crown.

3. Laurentii Snake Plant

This plant is applauded due to its green-colored center and yellow borders.

12 Best Snake Plant Uses

Let’s consider some of the benefits and uses of snake plants.

1. Indoor Air Purifier

Snake plants are the most applauded indoor air purifiers and are recommended by NASA. They extirpate toxic air pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and trichloroethylene from the air. They also uplift the levels of humidity and oxygen in the room while cleaning the air. Snake plants have the capacity to convert carbon-di-oxide (CO2) into oxygen.

2. Home Decor

To earn an array of compliments from your friends and relatives, décor your home with snake plants. The tall-shaped leaves of the plant make it perfect for the corners of the home and office. The bird’s nest snake plants and cylindrical snake plants can be kept in the darker areas of the house.

3. Drought Tolerant

You need to give very less water to snake plants as overwatering may cause their death. Since this is a high drought-resilient plant, hence you can grow them in the summer season also. Snake plants can be kept in those places where regular watering may not be possible.

4. Can Grow in Wet and Humid Conditions

You can grow snake plants in drier as well as humid areas like bathrooms of your house or office. The plant provides proper drainage by reducing the stagnant water on the floor.

5. Mental Health Booster

Indoor plants like snake plants will uplift your mental health. But more studies are required to establish this therapeutic claim. That’s why snake plants are used in workplaces, schools, and healthcare facilities at minimal costs and maintenance to improve indoor environments.

6. Easily Propagate This Plant

You can conveniently propagate this plant in two ways. You can either choose leaf cut or rhizome cut. Cut the rhizomes carefully and keep them in your water jar to develop bigger roots. Then, implant them into a jar with good drainage. You can cut the leaves and keep them in a glass jar to develop roots. After that, implant the leaves into a pot.

7. Symbolic Of Good Virtues

The first snake plant originated in China. Thus, snake plants hold a special place in feng shui as they believe these plants can absorb all negative energy. As snake plants consume negative energies and remove acrimony and jealousy, hence many Chinese experts recommend keeping them in a room where people used to fight or near appliances that emit harmful radiation. People who keep snake plants in their homes are often blessed with eight virtues (longevity, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, health and strength).

8. Effective for Allergies

Snake plants consume carbon dioxide and other toxin particles from the indoor air and offer fresh oxygen into the air. There will be fewer chances of developing allergies and airborne diseases while inhaling fresh oxygen.  

9. Low-Maintenance

You can grow snake plants with minimal maintenance as they can proliferate in any place without water and sunlight. Apart from enhancing the beauty of your home, they possess excellent air-purifying properties.

10. Absorbs CO2 At Night

Snake plants minimize the levels of carbon-di-oxide at night by absorbing them. These plants are blessed to perform a certain type of photosynthesis.

11. Anti-Cancer Plant

By absorbing cancer-causing agents like toluene, xylene, benzene, and formaldehyde, snake plants give you fresh air. These plants are drought tolerant and can even survive in low-light areas. Thus, you can grow them both indoors and outdoors.

12. Relieves Minor Physical Ailments

Snake plants have many other benefits but most of them have not yet been scientifically proven.

  • Heal skin wounds and burns
  • Minimize swelling
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Remove parasites
  • Relieve headaches


The Bottom Line

It is a good idea to bring part of nature into our home. This can be best done by planting healthy plants like snake plants. They are the best choice in indoor plants for polluted cities like Delhi, as they will help emit oxygen and purify air. 


Can you sleep next to a snake plant?

Snake plants are rare plants that produce oxygen at night. Thus, these plants are ideal to keep in your bedroom for better sleep. This is one of the snake plant benefits in the bedroom.

How many times a day should I water the snake plant?

Snake plants don’t require much water, so every 2-3 days is perfect. If you feel the soil is parched, then you can give water to your plant.

Do snake plants attract snakes?

The snake plant doesn’t produce any smell or oil to dissuade snakes. But very often snakes get afraid of the sharp leaves of the plant. You can grow various types of snake plants in your garden.

Is the snake plant lucky inside the house?

The snake plants are highly applauded by feng shui experts as they give strong positive vibes inside your room.

How many snake plants do I need in my room?

Snake plants are recommended by NASA as they produce oxygen. If you are staying in a sealed room with no airflow, then you may need 6-8 snake plants in it. According to NASA, 15 to 18 medium to large size plants could be ideal for a 1,800-square-foot home. 

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