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Causes & Treatment Of Bleeding Gums That Will Affect Your Daily Routine

Bleeding gums is a common problem. Though most of it is not serious and can be managed by some simple home remedies, at times the blood in your gums signal towards a more serious underlying health condition. From low vitamin C levels to diabetes, bleeding gums point towards many problems. Read on to know more about why your gums bleed and how to tackle the problem.

Bleeding gums cause 

So what exactly causes your gums to bleed? Here are some of the common reasons:

  • Improper brushing 

If you brush very roughly and use a hard brush, your gums may start bleeding, be gentle, use a soft brush and protect your gums at all times.

  • Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a disorder that is caused due to the buildup of excessive plaque in the gums. When that happens, your gums get inflamed. There may be uniform inflammation all over the gums or at a localised spot. The latter is common and causes gum bleeding around one tooth. This is not a serious condition, but requires medical treatment or else you may develop periodontitis. Periodontitis is a more complex and chronic disorder that causes gum inflammation and large amounts of bleeding in the gums.

  • Vitamin deficiency

The gums often bleed if there is a lack of certain vitamins, such as vitamin C and vitamin K in the body. This is a good indicator of a lack of nutrition in your body. Get your vitamin levels checked immediately. Then, focus on improving your diet. For example, have more citrus fruits like oranges to increase your Vitamin C levels. Also, eat foods that are rich in Vitamin K such as spinach and lettuce. Also, speak to your doctor and see if he prescribes any supplements. Follow the instructions and your bleeding gums may soon heal.

  • Diabetes

As stated, at times a bleeding gum may signal a serious underlying health condition such as diabetes. When you have diabetes, your body’s healing powers are reduced. So infections are common. Even a small cut in the gums may not heal and stay inflamed, causing your gums to bleed. Get this checked and work on improving your blood sugar levels on a priority basis.

  • Leukaemia 

A very serious condition that should never be taken lightly is leukaemia. It is a form of blood cancer where the platelet counts in the body are reduced. Your platelets help to control bleeding, but a low count prevents this. Speak to your doctor to rule out leukaemia if you notice your gums are bleeding regularly.

As you can see, some reasons are mild while some are very serious. So, do not neglect your bleeding gums and see your dentist if you experience this.

Bleeding gums treatment

If you have been suffering from the problem of your gums and teeth bleeding, then you may give the following a try:

  • Up the dental hygiene game

Improper dental hygiene leads to gingivitis and that is the biggest cause of bleeding gums. So, you need to be more careful with the way you maintain your dental hygiene. Brush regularly, at least twice a day. Floss between the teeth and rinse with a good mouthwash. These measures will help you to control gingivitis and then to the problem of your gums bleeding.

  • Check your vitamin and sugar levels

Go for regular health checkups and get a blood test done to check the vitamin and sugar levels in your body. If you find anything alarming, speak to your doctor and get it treated. Once your sugar and vitamin levels normalise, the problem of bleeding gums may subside as well.

  • Speak to your dentist

And last but not the least, speak to your dentist. It is a very good practice to set up dental appointments on a regular basis. There may be a minor problem like improper brushing or they may be a hint of a serious condition like diabetes. Your dentist can evaluate, ask for diagnostic tests and then detect the problem. This is why it is important to meet your dentist regularly and protect your gums from bleeding.

Give these methods a try and you will surely be able to combat the problem of your bleeding gums.

In conclusion

Your body gives you signals from time to time and these are signals that you should never ignore. Bleeding gum is one such signal. Blood oozing out of your gums may seem trivial, but it can lead to multiple problems later, so be alert. Maintain proper dental hygiene at all times and also visit your dentist regularly. This part has a healthy and balanced meal to ensure your body gets the proper nutrition that it needs. Taking care of these factors will surely help you to overcome the problem of bleeding gums in an effective and comprehensive way.

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