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Coronavirus: Secret of Natural Immunity

Coronavirus or COVID-19 will take over the world by storm by the beginning of 2020. The virus had initially come from China, and by March 2020, WHO declared a world pandemic because of COVID-19.


Ever since the outbreak of the virus, multiple labs and institutes funded by governments worldwide have been focussing on developing a vaccine for this deadly virus. By late 2020, vaccines were made available for the general public against COVID-19, and there has been a turndown in cases. Talks have also taken place on the natural immunity granted by natural infection. There is a debate over whether vaccines can be skipped if a person already has high natural immunity levels against the COVID-19.

What is Natural Immunity against COVID-19?

Natural immunity with Coronavirus or any virus comes when exposure to a virus or pathogen. When the immune system is in the recovery mode of fighting back the deadly virus or pathogen, it remembers the virus. It proceeds to generate antibodies that can prevent the disease from ever entering the body again, protecting the body against all kinds of future infections related to that particular pathogen or virus.Natural immunity against coronavirus

This type of immunity is considered natural as no external vaccine is involved in generating antibodies to fight against the body. All of the responses against the virus are caused by the body itself being infected with the virus once.

What is Vaccine Immunity?

The immunity generated by a vaccine against a virus is called artificial immunity. With the vaccine injection, the body is trained to fight and spike an immune response to the virus and generate antibodies.

What is Vaccine Immunity

All of this is done through the injection of the vaccine into the body in clinical labs. Once a particular type of virus is injected into the body, the body recognizes the pattern of the infection. It works in developing antibodies that help fight against the actual virus if the body encounters it at any time. All famous vaccines available for the general public against covid-19 are built in this mimic of virus manner. They have been shown to work with high-efficiency rates.

How Long Does Natural Immunity Last?

The concept of immunity against any virus is a vast topic that needs more research done on it. From what has been observed with all the COVID-19 cases, the natural immunity against the virus fades away after 3-5 months. The natural immunity, which is generated by the natural infection to the Coronavirus, has a pattern of going down and not being as effective as before. It is essential to take multiple immunity booster products even after one has been infected with Coronavirus and recovered. The natural immunity one person gains after being infected with the virus is at its peak for about 2-5 months after recovering the Coronavirus. The studies with vaccines suggest that a vaccine can maintain the immunity levels and antibodies against COVID-19 for about 6-9 months before they eventually start going down. However, a significant drawback of the coronavirus vaccines is their inability to fight new variants of the virus, which are constantly developing due to natural mutations in the environment.

Boosting Natural Immunity

Even if you have recovered from covid or have not been infected by the disease, it is essential to maintain the body’s natural immunity against Coronavirus. Many things can work as an immunity booster for the body, such as –

  • Improvement of Diet- The diet you consume daily is an essential factor for your health and wellbeing. Having a proper diet with food items that help protect and develop your immune system can protect you from this deadly disease.
  • Quality Sleep – A good sleep of about 6-8 hours is one of the best ways to develop your body’s immune system to fight Coronavirus or any viruses or diseases. A person who sleeps for fewer hours has less brain activity and affects the other important function of the body, decreasing a person’s natural immunity.
  • Exercise – It is crucial to have a proper exercise schedule to maintain your body’s immune system. Even if you do not have time for intensive exercises, you can do light exercises that can benefit your body. Regular exercise can even go as far as to help maintain your metabolism and other important body functions.
  • Supplements – Many different supplements can act as a natural immunity booster. These types of supplements can help your body with other types of diseases as well. These supplements include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, elderberry, turmeric, and garlic. Vitamin C supplements are crucial as they are a significant part of immunity against viruses and diseases, and Vitamin D can mildly affect infections that enter the respiratory tract. Turmeric and garlic are some of the best supplements you can take to develop natural immunity against the Coronavirus. They are known to boost the immune function of the body. Garlic, in particular, has anti-inflammatory and antiviral aspects, which can increase immunity levels to a great extent, protecting you from a wide variety of diseases and viruses in general.
  • Avoid Smoking – Habits of smoking, alcohol, or other types of substance abuse can weaken your body’s natural immunity even if you already have antibodies against Coronavirus or any virus or pathogen. Even reducing your stress levels is vital to maintain your immunity, as high-stress levels can weaken the body’s natural immune system.


The debate between the effectiveness of vaccine immunity and natural immunity has no end. Both have their benefits and disadvantages. However, maintaining your immunity if you have suffered from Coronavirus is important to not allow the virus’s entry back into the body after your immunity starts waning down. It is equally important for people who have not been infected to maintain their natural immunity against the deadly Coronavirus.

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