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Covid-19 Variants – Proactive Health Plans

In the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019, a novel virus known as severe acute respiratory illness syndrome 2 (SARS-2) or Coronavirus caused an outbreak.

The vaccine had taken the world by storm and caused thousands of deaths. In late 2020, vaccines against the virus were launched for the general public, and ever since then, there has been a slowdown in the number of cases around the world. Yet, some countries are still seeing a surge of COVID-19 cases, the virus after being out for that much time, has mutated, and, in some cases, these new mutated variants of COVID-19 are resisting vaccines and making them less efficient.

Origins of Coronavirus 

Bats, camels, and cats are among the species that carry the Coronavirus. The virus does not directly infect the animal, but it does reside within it. There is a possibility that the virus will spread to other species of animals through infected animals. As the virus spreads from animal to animal, it ultimately affects people, as happened with the Coronavirus. As previously stated, the first incidence of COVID-19 was recorded in Wuhan, China, where it is believed that the first individual was exposed to the virus while shopping for fish, meat, and other live animals at food markets. Although there is currently no proof or study on how the first coronavirus sufferer became infected, the virus does transmit from person to person by air or surface.

COVID-19 Variants

Like any other virus, Coronavirus will continue to infect other individuals and evolve as long as it is in the environment. Virus mutation is common, particularly in influenza and coronaviruses. A new viral variation that emerges as a result of mutation may be less severe than the previous one. Still, it is also conceivable that the new mutation may be much worse and more life-threatening than the previous one.

The Delta Variant

The delta variant, which is also known as B.1.617.2, is one of the deadliest variants of COVID-19 that has been seen so far. The delta variant is more dangerous than the original strain of covid-19. It is nearly twice as contagious and is known to cause more illness. Delta variant can increase the transmission of covid-19 among people who have not been vaccinated against the virus yet, and this strain is the fastest spreading strain of covid-19 in the world right now.  The delta variant is a variant of concern, as stated by the WHO. It is the most contagious variant to date.

Delta variant symptoms are the same as that caused by any strain of Coronavirus; however, cases have been reported where people who have been diagnosed with this variant are becoming ill at a much quicker rate, especially younger people. The Delta variant tends to spread at greater levels in the respiratory tracks. With these new covid strains, there is a possibility that someone who has been vaccinated might end up getting infected anyway. However, when a person who is fully vaccinated for covid-19 tests positive for covid-19, they have no or mild symptoms, and causes of death due to this have been very low.  Vaccinated people suffer symptoms of a common cold, which can be headache, fever, or cough, which does not last for long. 

In people who have been vaccinated or previously infected, a variation of concern is more likely to induce breakthroughs or re-infections. These variations are more likely to induce severe illness, elude detection, and resist antiviral therapy. The SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus’s alpha, beta, gamma, and delta variations are classed as variants of concern.

How many different variants of COVID-19 are there?

Multiple new covid variants have been seen in places such as England, Brazil, and California. More deadly covid variants such as beta variants have emerged in South Africa. They can re-enter the body of those people who have been infected with Coronavirus earlier and have recovered.  Vaccines are being developed against this type of new covid variant, which is being seen all around the world.

The difference between covid variants 

The difference between new covid variants and the original comes from a mutation affecting protein, which is the outer covering of Sars-Cov-2, which is responsible for giving the virus a spiny look. These outer covering proteins also help the virus to attach to human cells in the lungs, nose, and other parts of the body.  Early studies and researches have concluded that new variants can bind with human cells more easily. There is an increase in virus protein which makes it more transmittable from one person to another.

Vaccines Against Covid -19 variants 

According to research, the immunity which is generated through vaccines against covid-19 would be decreased when it comes to new strains of Coronavirus. A loss in one component of the immune response, such as B cells that create antibodies and T cells that can respond to infected cells, does not mean that the existing vaccines will not provide any kind of protection against the new covid variants. This is the reason why even after vaccination, people still need to take precautions and other steps to avoid getting infected by the virus.

Precautions to Prevent Infection

New covid variants are much more contagious than the previous, and they will get more deadly as they continue to evolve. A few precautions you can take to avoid getting infected by new variants are –

  • Wearing Masks – It is essential to put on a mask before leaving your house because you may come into contact with persons who are already sick with the Coronavirus. Wearing a mask minimizes your chances of becoming infected with the virus. Many countries throughout the world now require people to wear masks when they walk outside. Always have extra masks on hand in case one of yours breaks.
  • Social Distancing – Maintaining or socially distancing yourself from others in public places is one of the best ways to break the chain of covid-19 transmission. The Coronavirus is less likely to spread in places with good ventilation and is less crowded.


The delta variant is the most dangerous variant of covid-19 right now. According to scientists, covid can mutate to another deadlier strain if enough precautions are not taken by people around the world. New strains of the virus will continue developing and cause more problems for people. Coronavirus mutation is deadly.

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