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Yoga for Diabetes Management: These Simple Moves Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Yoga could do more than only relax the body in mind, particularly if one lives with diabetes. So, certain yoga asanas and poses aid in lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure and also improve blood circulation, leading numerous experts to suggest yoga for the management of diabetes.

Regular yoga practice helps in reducing diabetes and other related complications like heart disease. Adding simple yoga practice to the everyday regime is a method to manage diabetes besides medicines. Yoga could help one manage diabetes by addressing some crucial factors. This article will discuss how yoga can help manage diabetes in an individual.  

Yoga for Diabetes

Yoga is considered an additional treatment for diabetic people. It helps to improve all the health factors for promoting physical as well as mental health. An individual can manage diabetes better if he or she practices yoga for longer periods.

Yoga helps in reducing the risks related to diabetes. It not just controls diabetes but also provides the best outcomes in health. The best yoga for diabetes could be practiced to maintain and control blood sugar levels. Several individuals with diabetes are currently turning to yoga to control their blood sugar levels. 

Yoga for Diabetes

Yoga is regarded as an ancient identified practice that aids in improving overall health, reducing anxiety, boosting mobility, and lowering blood pressure. An individual must maintain regularity and consistency for getting the best outcomes of yoga on managing diabetes.

Diabetes patients are at risk of having numerous health problems. Hence, individuals with diabetes must keep their levels of blood sugar in control. Besides insulin therapy and medicines, yoga is the best method to regulate blood sugar levels. It is since yoga lowers the stress level, prevents diabetic neuropathy, protects heart diseases, as well as increases strength, and promotes overall well-being. 

11 Best Yoga For Diabetes

There are various yoga asanas that can help to address the diabetes of an individual. However, certain yoga asanas might be more helpful for managing diabetes. Some of the yoga asanas that can be beneficial for diabetes management are given below:

1. Bhujangasana

This yoga asana helps triceps brachii, quadriceps muscles, as well as spinal extensors, work together. Thus, it strengthens the muscles and ultimately lowers blood sugar levels. Besides this, this yoga asana reduces blood pressure, promotes weight loss, and improves blood circulation. 


2. Tadasana 

This yoga asana helps to create more space in the body and allows efficient functioning of the internal organs. Hence, it helps to improve the circulation of blood and promote insulin sensitivity for controlling blood sugar levels. 


3. Dhanurasana 

This yoga asana strengthens as well controls the pancreas. Thus, this pose is appropriate for individuals with diabetes as it reduces the levels of blood sugar. It also helps in opening up chests and stimulating the abdomen. 


4. Balasana 

This yoga asana includes spinal extensors, hamstrings, and rotator muscles. It relieves anxiety, tiredness as well as neck and back pain. Besides this, it also relaxes and increases the production of insulin-producing beta cells.


5. Viparita Karani

This yoga asana stimulates internal organs such as the pancreas. So, this asana significantly affects and controls diabetes. Practising this asana on a regular basis controls blood pressure and reduces blood sugar levels. 

Viparita Karani

6. Mandukasana 

This yoga asana is best for diabetic people. It stretches the pancreas to promote the release of insulin. Besides this, Mandukasana helps in promoting better digestion and improving the functions of the other glands.


7. Chakarasna 

This yoga asana is also effective for controlling diabetes. Chakarasna aids in stretching and relaxing the backbone. Practising this asana on a regular basis reduces stress and strengthens the pancreas, stimulating the release of insulin to balance the blood sugar levels. This yoga asana also improves the liver and kidney, which are considered risks for diabetic people.


8. Halasana 

This yoga asana helps diabetic people to maintain a sedentary lifestyle. It also controls the adverse impact of diabetes on the body. Halasana involves abdominal muscles and hence, reduces belly fat and encourages insulin secretion in the body. Thus, this yoga asana controls the blood sugar levels by practicing this asana on a regular basis and reduces the risk of diabetes.


9. Ardha Matsyendrasana 

Ardha Matsyendrasana helps in better functioning of the internal organs and acts as a retreat for the pancreas and liver. This yoga asana improves energy levels and helps in promoting insulin secretion in the body. So, this yoga asana controls diabetes and maintains high energy levels.

Ardha Matsyendrasana 

10. Supta Baddha Konasana

This yoga asana helps in calming down the nervous system and reducing anxiety levels that ultimately lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels. This yoga asana also stimulates the kidneys, abdominal organs, and bladders. 

Supta Baddha Konasana

11. Supta Matsyendrasana

This yoga asana stimulates the abdominal organs and helps in reducing blood sugar and blood pressure levels. This yoga asana also lowers pain in the pelvic area and backbone.

Supta Matsyendrasana


The bottom line is that regular practice of yoga could significantly aid in diabetes management. Researchers have determined that yoga has a positive impact on lipid levels, blood sugar levels as well as body composition.

Limited information also showed that yoga could also reduce blood pressure and lower medication use. Even though these data are promising, more research is required to authorize these findings. Regular practice yoga helps in improving overall health and managing diabetes.

If one is new to yoga, consult a doctor before adding yoga to their regime. The doctor could offer guidance on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during diabetes. 

Diabetic people could perform yoga asanas to improve their mental as well as physical health. However, they have to practice these asanas correctly to avoid adverse impacts on muscle health and body postures. Each asana has its advantages.

Thus, these asanas must be practiced for a few minutes daily. Regularly practicing yogic asanas can lower the overall risks that can take place because of diabetes. These simple yoga asanas must be learned to improve diabetic health and the overall quality of life. Hence, it can lead to a complete change in life. 

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