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Eradicate Children Obesity: Get Your Children Moving

Introduction: Childhood Obesity

Children’s obesity: Sandhya, a mother of 5 years old, is worried because her child, unlike other children, has put on a lot of weight suddenly and is not acting like other kids of his age.

She decided to consult a child pediatrician and know the cause. To her surprise, the doctor tells her there is nothing to be worried about because many children are facing this issue.

Just following a proper diet and involving her son in physical exercises can solve this problem.

So let us know more about the problem and its probable solution.

What Is Children Obesity?

Currently, one in three children in adolescence is either obese or overweight. Obesity affects youth of all races, ethnicities, and income levels in all countries.

Obesity has been labeled as a childhood epidemic, and unfortunately, it leads to serious health problems.

Obesity, in simple words, means being overweight according to height or age. 

Obesity is a carrier of the disease. Being obese can lead to problems like diabetes, very high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, high cholesterol, orthopedic issues, and difficulties in breathing.

If not treated at an early age, it can lead to serious health problems when the child enters adulthood. The issue of children with high BMI or obesity has been increasing rapidly ever since the pandemic hit.

What Is the Cause Of It?

There can be various reasons behind your child being obsessed, but the main ones which can be reversed back are:

  1. Improper Diet: A diet that does not include proteins and nutrition can be very harmful to your child’s health. Nowadays, parents allow their kids to eat outside food because they love it more. It can lead to weight gain.
  2. Physical activity and inactivity: As going out is not that safe now. Parents keep their children locked at home. As a result, they spend most of their time watching tv or surfing youtube lying in one place. It is a significant problem in modern kids. Due to physical inactivity, they tend to gain weight very quickly.
  3. Lack of family time: Not spending enough time with your kid can make them anxious and tend to eat unhealthy food more. Especially not being around your kid during lunch or dinner time can indulge them into overeating unhealthy food.


Children who eat alone also tend to develop picky food habits.

How To Get Rid of It?

Losing weight can be a fundamental change if not taken early precautions or advised to take steps when you suddenly see your child putting on weight. By following certain tips, you can help your child from becoming obese:

  1. Proper diet: Be vigilant about what your child is eating at home. Consuming excess snacks and following a proper diet which is essential in the adolescent period, is very important. Include more nutrition and protein and avoid high-calorie foods.
  2. Eating together: When a child eats with the family, they eat more healthy food and have a stable mindset. Make sure you eat at least one meal with your child in a day.
  3. Involving your child into physical activities: Obesity can also result from a lack of physical activity; sitting in one place for several hours can lead to fat accumulation. Involving your child in simple exercises like walking, yoga, or involving them in doing household chores can save them from being obese. 
  4. Choosing low-calorie food: Calorie plays a significant role in weight gain. Consuming high-calorie food can lead to excessive weight gain. Hence, to lose weight, it is advised to read the labels and buy low in calories.
  5. Decreasing sugar intake: Sugar intake can be your child’s biggest enemy if they are obese. Reducing sugar intake helps in losing fat faster.



Every child is unique to their parents. And parents always try their best to keep their children happy and healthy. If your child is obese, don’t instead make your child feel confident of themselves and slowly try to bring in some changes in their daily food habits and lifestyle.


If my child is healthy, is it a serious problem?

If your child is healthy, it's not a problem at all. Being healthy is a good sign of a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. But being obese then can cause serious problems in the future. Do check your child's BMI if you think your child is gaining too much weight.

Is it safe not to consult a doctor and start your child's diet by yourself?

Yes. It is safe if you want to maintain the diet of your child by yourself. However, it is advised that you visit a child pediatrician before including any changes in the diet. Do consult a doctor for expert advice.

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