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Give Your Children the Gift of Healthy Nutrition


Aditi and Gaurav recently became parents. They keep feeding their baby very often, but still, they don’t see their baby becoming healthy and wonder if his body is getting any nutrition. He usually pukes whenever they feed him, and there is a lot of wastage of food.  

Recently, when Aditi’s mother visited them, she took the entire charge of the baby, and the baby suddenly gained a healthy weight and was not cranky anymore.

When Gaurav and Aditi asked the secret behind this miracle, she explained that it is not important how much quantity we are feeding the baby or how often we are feeding. 

Importance Of Healthy Nutrition

Nutrition plays an essential role in the overall development of a child. It’s a very crucial ingredient in our body. And to make your child healthy both physically and mentally and make sure their overall health is in a good state, we must include nutrients in their diet. Good nutrition helps maintain a healthy immune system, and a healthy immune system will protect your body from all kinds of diseases and result in a healthy body.

Gift Of Healthy Nutrition

  1. Experiment with food: Introduce new flavours to your baby. Feeding them the same food daily might make them bored, and they won’t enjoy the food. Introducing them to a new variant of vegetables let them explore new varieties of fruits and vegetables that will allow their taste buds to grow, and they’ll eat more than usual. Also, when they grow up, they won’t be picky. 
  2. Consuming more water: Water is a magic potion that works wonders for all ages and genders. Feeding your baby water that is properly boiled and contains some minerals is essential and an excellent nutrient source. Drinking more water will make their digestion more accessible, and the nutrients in the food will be absorbed better.
  3. Eating at least five coloured vegetables or fruits: When your child sees colour on their plate, they tend to enjoy a meal more. Try to include at least five colours a day. Different colours carry different nutrients. Green feed them broccoli, yellow feed them a banana, red feed them an apple, orange feed them orange and purple feed them brinjal.
  4. Having a family meal: When you eat with your baby, they often eat a healthier version of the food. Teach them how to eat and indulge them in topics that are related to food. In this way, they learn and eat better.
  5. Chewing the food properly: Chewing the food correctly while eating them is very important. Unless you chew the food, the nutrients in the food will not get released, and your child will obtain zero nutrients from the food. It is advised to chew the food at least 12 times before we swallow it.
  6. Giving your child surprise treats: Whenever your child finishes the entire plate of healthy veggies, or they spend a week being very obedient, take them out or make something special for them, for example, a cake. Visit restaurants monthly and let them indulge in their favourite delicacy.
  7. Involving them in the cooking process: You must involve your child in the kitchen. When they see making food, they get excited and want to eat it with utmost happiness. It also makes them aware of the difficulties involved while cooking and therefore they don’t waste food as they usually would.
  8. Physical exercise: Involving your child in physical activity is very important. Expose them to sunlight, make sure they spend at least an hour outside the home and get involved in some physical exercise. If your child is staying at home, make sure you teach them simple yoga exercises and involve them when you perform household chores. 


A healthy body is a dream for all. And for parents, they want to see their children in the healthiest state. Nutrition plays a vital role in building the mind and body. Make sure you provide your child with the best nutrition and don’t compromise when it comes to your child.


Is it okay if I feed my baby non-organic supplements instead of plant-based?

No, it is not advised to supply babies with artificial supplements as it has various side effects and always tries to feed them natural plant-based nutrients. Do consult a doctor if you are switching to artificial supplements.

What to do if my baby's appetite is reduced?

Always consult a doctor if you have seen a sudden decline in the appetite of your child. A paediatrician will tell you the proper reason and guide you on what is best for your child. They will explain the reason behind the same and even help you nurse the baby's appetite.

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