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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Apple Juice Daily

Apples have incredible benefits for our bodies. And it is not just restricted to the fruit alone; you will find numerous benefits of apple juice as well. You can consume apple juice on a regular basis for building strength and infuse vital calcium, vitamins, magnesium and potassium into the body.

Apple juice is one of the healthiest beverages available for regular consumption. It is versatile and can help combat several issues. Apples turn super hydrators when they are made into juices. Naturally, you can experience the health benefits of apple juice for yourself thereafter! From better heart health to weight loss, there are quite a few of them indeed. Read on for more.

Nutritional Value of Apple Juice

Before delving deeper into regular or green apple juice benefits, here is a list that will help you understand its nutritional quotient.

  1. Water- 219g
  2. Sucrose- 3.12g
  3. Energy– 114 kcal 
  4. Protein- 0.24g
  5. Vitamin C– 2.23mg 
  6. Carbohydrates-28g

This is the nutritional value of a single cup or roughly 248 grams of apple juice. 

Benefits of Apple Juice

There are numerous apple juice uses and advantages. Here is a list of the top benefits that you should know more about:

  1. Boosts Heart Health – Apples contain polyphenols along with flavonoids. This makes them great for improving the health of your heart. These polyphenols may contribute towards combating the oxidation of bad cholesterol or LDL and their subsequent build-up in the arteries.  Apple juice also contains potassium which is good for the heart, reducing blood pressure overall. 
  2. Relieves Asthma Symptoms – Apple juice helps fight allergies and inflammation, relieving asthmatic symptoms as a result. Its polyphenols contribute towards enhancing the health of the lungs while lowering pulmonary disease risks greatly. 
  3. Helps with Weight Loss – There are many advantages of consuming apple juice for weight loss. Apples come with carotenoids, polyphenols and dietary fibre alike. Their juice may help in lowering weight. 
  4. Reduces Cancer Risks – Phenolic acids and flavonoids present in apple juice may effectively work to combat cancerous cell development and tumors as well. Apple juice may help in lowering colon and lung cancer risks considerably. 
  5. Benefits the Brain – Apple juice may help in safeguarding your brain from damages due to free radicals. The antioxidants in the juice may help in lowering what doctors call neuronal apoptosis or dying of brain cells. It may also contribute towards treating illnesses like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s as a result. 
  6. Enhances Skin Health – There are multiple apple juice benefits for skin that you should know about. Antioxidants and Vitamin C contained in this juice may help in relieving issues like itching, inflammation, infections, wrinkles and skin cracks. Premature aging may also be combated through consumption of apple juice. 
  7. Benefits the Eyes – Apple juice is rich in Vitamin A that helps greatly in enhancing overall vision and combating future disorders of the eyes as well. 
  8. Improves Liver Functioning – Apple juice contains Malic acid which may help in boosting the functioning of the liver. It may also help in boosting liver health, while stimulating proper urination at the same time. Apples contain alkaline properties which may help in clearing out all toxins from the liver as per reports. 
  9. Helps Relieve Dehydration – Dehydration often affects people, especially in the hot and searing summer months. Water is always a great option but if you are looking for something with more flavours, then you can try apple juice. Water is its biggest ingredient. 
  10. May Reduce Constipation – If you suffer from chronic constipation, then apple juice may work as a laxative. It happens due to its higher levels of sugar. However, excessive consumption is not advisable in these scenarios. 

Side Effects of Apple Juice

Here is a list of some side effects of consuming apple juice: 

  1. Excessive consumption may lead to flatulence or diarrhea. 
  2. Apple juice with extra sugar may lead to people gaining weight. 
  3. Apple juice contains oxalates which may lead to kidney stones in some individuals. 
  4. High sugar content may also lead to decaying teeth. 
  5. Apple juice may also spark a sudden jump in blood sugar. 

The Bottom Line 

Apple juice has numerous benefits including enhancing heart and brain health. Moreover, it improves your skin and eye health at the same time. It is a great option for you to try periodically. However, make sure that you consume in the right amounts without going overboard. Also, purchase apple juice carefully to make sure that it does not contain extra sugar and other harmful preservatives. 


What are the benefits of drinking apple juice? 

There are many benefits of drinking apple juice, including combating dehydration. It helps improve the health of the heart, and also boosts skin health. Apple juice also helps in safeguarding the brain with aging. 

Is apple juice healthy for you?

Apple juice is a healthy option for any individual, courtesy of its calcium, potassium and magnesium content along with vitamins. The juice boosts your energy levels while helping build immunity alongside. 

Why is apple juice better than orange juice? 

Apple juice contains healthy Vitamin C and potassium but does not contain folic acid. Orange juice, on the other hand, contains rich Vitamin C and more potassium along with folic acid. Hence, orange juice is sometimes a better option. 

Is 100% apple juice good for you?

Yes, 100% apple juice is a better source of vital nutrients for the body such as potassium and Vitamin C. Check that there is no extra sugar and other unnecessary calories. 

What happens if you drink a lot of apple juice?

Excessively consuming apple juice leads to bloating and gas. It may also lead to diarrhea in extreme cases. It may also lead to spikes in blood sugar levels at times. 

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