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Incredible Benefits Of Basil Leaves You May Not Have Known

Basil leaves come with several benefits for individuals. It is one of the oldest such herbs known to people and has medicinal and healing attributes alike. What is basil? These plants are synonymous with numerous households in our country, being offered to Deities as well. There are several types of basil including Italian, holy, sweet, lemon and more. Basil is also used for various preparations including curries, stews and more. In this article, you will learn more about its health benefits.

Basil Leaves Nutrition Facts

The basil plant comes with several healing attributes. It contains the following:

  • Vitamin K
  • Calcium
  • Antioxidants
  • Essential oils like Limonene
  • Beta Carotene
  • Vitamin A
  • Phosphorous
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium


Top 9 Basil Health Benefits

There are numerous Basil leaves benefits that you should know more about. These are listed below:

1. Boosts Digestive Abilities

Reports suggest that Basil may enable better digestion, beefing up your digestive system and enhancing overall immunity. It contains Eugenol which helps with anti-inflammatory attributes, balancing body acid levels and restoring pH levels within the body as well. 

2. Anti-Inflammation Attributes 

One of the primary basil leaves uses is combating inflammation and issues like cough and cold, flu, headaches, sore throats, fever and more. Anti-inflammatory attributes of basil may help in reducing heart disease risks along with combating ailments such as inflammatory bowel syndromes and even rheumatoid arthritis. It may also reduce risks of heart disease.

3. Combats Free Radicals 

Basil may help in destroying free radicals with its antioxidants, thereby lowering oxidative stress levels within the body and also preventing cell damage. Basil contains two antioxidants which are water-soluble. These include viceninare and orientin and they play a vital role in enhancing immunity and safeguarding body cellular structures while also combating aging of the skin. 

4. Ensures Multifarious Skin Benefits 

Basil comes with powerful skin cleansing attributes. It is ideal for those who have oily skin textures. It also helps with the removal of various impurities and dirt which clog up the skin pores. You can use the basil leaves for creating your own paste with some rose water and ingredients like sandalwood for instance. Put this on the face, and keep it intact for 20-25 minutes. Wash it off carefully with cold water. It will help combat acne, and preserve your skin glow at the same time. 

5. Helps Reduce Depression 

Basil comes with essential oils for better management of anxiety and depression alike. It comes with the ability to engage specific neurotransmitters which enable hormone regulation. These are hormones that help with stimulating more energy and happiness alike. Basil is known to be an adaptogen or an agent that works against stress, especially with its immunity-booster and anti-inflammation features. It also helps with stress management. 

6. Helps Manage Diabetes 

Basil consumption may lead to sugar being released into the blood and this is good for diabetics. The herb comes with lower glycemic levels as well. It also has essential oils which may help in reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels greatly as well. 

7. Enhances Healthy Liver Functioning and Detoxification 

Basil comes with strong attributes of detoxification. It may help in enhancing the health of your liver. The liver is a vital body organ which greatly stimulates metabolism. Basil may also help in combating the build-up of fat within the liver while ensuring its continued health at the same time. 

8. Boosts Gut Health 

Basil helps in restoration of natural pH levels in the body while infusing healthier bacteria within the gut microflora. This greatly enhances immunity and digestive powers alike. 

9. Basil Helps Relieve Stomach Issues

Basil also helps with relieving stomach upsets. It has been a traditionally-used solution for the treatment of various tummy issues including indigestion. Basil may also help in lowering bloating and retention of water. It can also enhance appetite loss while curing acid reflex simultaneously. 

Basil Side Effects

Basil contains Estragole, a specific chemical that may cause liver issues. Basil extracts and oils may also slow down the clotting of blood while enhancing bleeding risks for those with these ailments. Basil may also contribute towards reducing blood pressure excessively for some people. You should consume it in moderation without resorting to overeating. 

The Bottom Line

Basil comes with several positive attributes including better liver functions, gut health, skin benefits and digestion. It also plays a big role in destroying free radicals at the same time. You should consume basil leaves regularly in order to get these benefits on a long-term basis. 


What is basil good for nutritionally?

Basil comes with rich manganese and Vitamin K along with Vitamin A, copper, Vitamin C and other ingredients like folate, iron, calcium, Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and more. 

Is basil more nutritious than spinach?

Basil is highly nutritious and so is spinach. The differences between the two are not much with regard to their amounts of minerals or vitamins. Spinach has more vitamins while basil contains slightly more minerals. 

Can I eat basil leaves Raw?

Yes, you can consume basil leaves raw although people mostly used these leaves for cooking purposes. The Holy basil itself has a bitter and spicy taste. There are several methods of integration of Holy Basil into your daily lifestyle. You can consume it as a supplement, consume the leaves, use them in tea or cook with them. 

Is basil a Superfood?

Basil can well be called a superfood with its various anti-ageing properties along with its anti-inflammatory features, its ability to destroy free radicals and safeguard against various ailments. 

Can you eat basil leaves every day?

Yes, you can consume basil leaves every day if you consume it through your regular food items. Basil consumption orally may be unsafe for some people. You should consult your doctor regarding this aspect. Moderate daily consumption is recommended at all times. 

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