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Is Excessive Sleep Harmful To Your Body?

Sumitra is an employee who is working in a private limited company in Hyderabad. She is suffering from health issues and consulted with her family doctor. The medical report said that she is having problems with her sleep patterns and she was recommended some remedies. She realized why am I sleeping too much? At once, she realized that excessive sleeping is the only reason for the problem and decided to implement certain strategies to overcome it. If you are sleeping more hours in a day, then you should know how to control the same effectively. 

Sleep is necessary for everyone to live a better life. However, sleeping too much can affect your health and you should focus more on reducing the condition. But, before you do so, ask yourself once, why am I sleeping so much all of a sudden? This will help to figure out reasons for excessive sleeping and you will then be able to enhance your quality of life to a large extent. Moreover, you can then lower health risks caused by excessive sleeping to ensure peace of mind. 

Know the Causes of Oversleeping 

You should know what is oversleeping and the causes in detail that will allow you to use methods to take precautionary measures. When you sleep for more than 8 hours a day, then you may experience some symptoms. Several factors will induce excessive sleeping and you should avoid them to accomplish goals in your life. Some of them include thyroid disease, stress, medications, sleep apnea, depression, narcolepsy, smoking, poor diet, alcohol consumption, etc. You should evaluate the underlying causes of excessive sleeping in detail that will help manage the same with ease. 

What are the Complications of Excessive Sleeping?

Excessive sleeping may lead to some health complications that will affect you in various ways. They include anxiety, fatigue, obesity, diabetes, back pains, heart disease, headaches, depression, and restless leg syndrome. It is a good idea to consult with your doctor to know the complications of too much sleep. This, in turn, gives ways to minimize problems with high efficiency. 

How to Diagnose Oversleeping Problems?

You can diagnose the problems of excessive sleeping with your doctor that will help lower them significantly. A physician will ask you to undergo a physical exam and engage in a sleep study. Your doctor may recommend some other tests if your excessive sleeping is not attributed to other medical conditions. They include a polysomnogram and a multiple latency test which help a lot to measure your sleep. You should also keep a sleep diary to rate your sleepiness. 

Treatment for your Oversleeping Problems 

The treatment for your excessive sleeping will depend on the causes and symptoms that help improve the conditions to a large extent. Your physician may recommend a treatment plan after checking your health records and other things. Moreover, he/she will prescribe some medications or pills depending on your health. It is wise for you to follow the treatment guidelines properly to get the desired outcomes. 

Tips to Get Rid of Excessive Sleep 

You should know how to get rid of excessive sleep from different sources that give ways to lead an active lifestyle. You need to follow some tips to keep in your mind to lower your excessive sleep problems. 

  1. Perform Some Exercises

You should consider performing some exercise activities that will help you get better sleep after going to bed. Jogging, cycling, walking, and yoga are some practices that can promote your wellness and health condition. Apart from that, they allow you to stay away from unwanted problems.

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet 

Diet plays an important role in enhancing your quality of life. Therefore, you should create a healthy diet plan that will improve your sleep. You should avoid taking processed foods, sugar products, and caffeine products because they can affect your health. Consult with your dietician to select a plan that suits your lifestyle and needs. 

  1. Create an Ideal Sleep Environment 

You must create an ideal sleep environment to relax your body and mind. Make sure that your bedroom is very quiet and clean which gives ways to avoid health hazards. Clean your bed and mattress daily, if possible, that will do major wonders. Furthermore, it lets you ensure peace of mind significantly.

  1. Maintain a Sleep Diary

You should maintain a sleep diary to record your sleeping hours and other details. It will help you track whether you are getting enough or not. Not only that, keeping a diary allows you to determine the factors that affect your sleep. Maintaining a diary also enables you to notice your sleep patterns with more attention. You can know why I am sleeping too much from your diary that will help lower the problem. Also, it allows you to focus more on your health properly which gives ways to lead a trouble-free life. 

  1. Avoid Daytime Sleeping

Daytime sleeping can affect your health and you should avoid the practice. It is wise for you to get ideas on how to minimize daytime sleeping from different sources. This will help you live an active lifestyle. You should engage in some activities to stay away from daytime sleeping. They even allow you to accomplish your health goals that will help ensure peace of mind.

  1. Create a relaxing night-time schedule 

You should create a relaxing night-time schedule before going to bed. It allows you to ensure better sleep and wake up in the early morning. Always cultivate some good habits which promote your wellness and health conditions. Read some books and listen to good music which will induce good sleep. Besides that, they will help relax your mind from stress and other problems. 


Excessive sleeping can harm your health when you are not handling it properly. You should evaluate why I am sleeping so much all of a sudden with more attention that will help keep your health in a perfect state. Follow a healthy lifestyle and consider cultivating good habits that can improve your health. Take control of your stress and other unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcohol that can affect your sleep. Stay away from negative emotions and feelings to ensure good sleep.

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