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Kill Fungal Infection, Relieve Your Itchy & Painful Face

Ravi was a 26-year-old young man who was terrified of pimples and rashes until he saw them refuse to disappear after persisting for quite a few weeks. His rashes on the face started spreading and started getting painful as well. He was suspecting an infection of some sort and when he ultimately visited his doctor, he came to know that it was a yeast infection. Such fungal infections happen to a lot of people. 

Fungal Infection

Are you also suffering from any fungal infection on the face? It may be the cause behind a fungal rash on the face or any other yeast-related infections. You can rely on diverse home remedies and other treatments on your doctor’s advice for fixing the problem. Rashes or blemishes not only look bad; they are also uncomfortable and painful at times. If you suspect that any such development has taken place due to a yeast or fungal infection, then you should consult your doctor at the earliest!

Learning More About Yeast Infections

If you feel like you have a development of fungus on the face or any fungal infection on the face, then it may be a symptom of a yeast-based infection. Yeast infections happened due to imbalances of the Candida Albicans which is a specific kind of fungus living in moist zones of the body including the skin, mouth, and even the genitals.

It is called yeast infection since Candida is a specific kind of yeast. Such infections on the skin are also known as Cutaneous Candidiasis

Why Does a Yeast Infection Happen?

You should know that yeast infections happen on the face due to the overgrowth of Candida throughout various parts of the body. In most scenarios, yeast infections on the face come with such infections that are visible throughout the body. Yet, local infections may also take place when any such imbalance happens in only a single zone of the body and this includes your face as well. Here are some of the primary reasons behind yeast infections: 

  • Higher sweating. 
  • Lack of proper hygiene. 
  • Using unsuitable or harsh products on the face. 
  • Licking around the mouth area. 
  • Irritation of the facial tissues. 
  • Scrubbing the face in a rough manner


Symptoms of Yeast Infections in The Face

Infections usually occur in the form of a red and harsh skin rash which may sometimes be accompanied by pustules or bumps. If the rash is centrally positioned around the mouth, then the condition may be called oral thrush which is another form of a yeast infection. Some of the other symptoms include ulcers, itching, pimples, burning, patches of dry skin, and so on. 

Diagnosis of Yeast Infections

Yeast infections may be efficiently diagnosed by the doctor via a yeast test as it is often called. This is done by scraping a part of the skin from the rash in question. They will then examine the cells under a microscope and if the cause cannot be worked out, then a culture test may be carried out. Such tests usually require anything from a few days to even some weeks in most cases. 

Treatment for Yeast Infections

You should be doubly careful while going for treatments to fix skin issues on the face and any such facial rashes. This is because people often end up facing severe reactions to a specific medication or other treatment procedures. Doctors may recommend using antifungal cream for the face and sometimes the active ingredient here is clotrimazole.

Other treatment options include antifungal lotions, mostly with tolnaftate as the active component. There are also oral antifungals that have fluconazole as their active ingredient. Another treatment form is using corticosteroid cream like hydrocortisone. You can also use steroid creams infusion with an antifungal cream for combating yeast infections. Combating future infections is also possible if you can implement a superior regime. If the infection simultaneously happens while using any new product, then you should completely stop using the same. 

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Home Remedies That You May Try

There are some home remedies that you may also consider in this regard. They include the following: 

1. Coconut Oil

It comes with several healing properties and also offers sizable relief for several skin-related ailments. It will also help greatly with skin hydration. 

2. Tea Tree Oil

 It may be directly applied to the face or even added to any lotion for giving some relief from the pain caused by facial infections. 

3. Ozonated Olive Oil

Olive oil is equipped with anti-fungal attributes which may help in soothing yeast-linked infections, and smoothening the skin as well. 

The Bottom Line

Yeast-based infections may be treated easily through home-based treatments and also antifungal lotions, creams, and other medication. Some OTC (over-the-counter) antifungal medications may also be recommended by the doctor for combating the problem. Always consult your doctor promptly whenever you notice any symptoms that point to a persistent infection. 

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