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Potent Herbal Ingredients For Helping Treat Pneumonia


Aryan met Suhana, and he complained of high fever, chills, chest pain, and headache. Suhana got worried as she could figure out the reason behind Aryan’s Ill health. She is a medical student, asked Aryan to get up and gargle with salt. She had a hunch that it might be a case of pneumonia. She straight away called a senior doctor and talked about the symptoms. He advised them to get some blood tests done and use home remedies like eating fresh fruits, increasing the uptake of fluids, and taking a proper sleep to fight pneumonia. He followed the advice of the doctor and recovered faster by using the remedies.

What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a disease that is related to the respiratory system causing infection in the trachea. It affects the lungs of the infected person, making him feel difficulty in breathing. The person is unable to breathe correctly and requires urgent medical supervision. It can be a life-threatening condition, too, if left untreated. Emergency hospitalization is necessary in extreme cases.

Causes and Symptoms:

Since it’s an airborne disease, it can quickly spread from one person to another. It can spread through aerosols as well as droplets. A healthy immune system can effectively fight with a bacterium or a virus, but an overgrowth of microorganisms in the body can weaken the immune system. A chronic underlying condition like COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) can also cause pneumonia. Some of the symptoms of pneumonia are:

  1. Persistent Cough
  2. Difficulty in breathing
  3. Fever
  4. Chills
  5. Body Pain
  6. Headache

Factors that increase the risk of Pneumonia:

  1. Children who are below five years of age or adults over the age of 65
  2. People with compromised immunity
  3. Consumption of tobacco and smoking
  4. Asthma


Home Remedies for Treating Pneumonia

Various home remedies can be used to fight pneumonia. Home Remedies for pneumonia have also proven to be effective in its treatment. Along with a proper Pneumonia medication; the doctors also advise to take following steps to fight the infection:

  1. Plenty of rest and sleep to calm the mind 
  2. Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. Increasing the fluids uptake.


Apart from all this, some home remedies target the symptoms and provide relief to manage them. Some herbal ingredients which help are :

1. For Cough 

There is an excess production of cough when a person suffers from pneumonia. The body forms a barrier of mucus to prevent the infection, and it’s a natural mechanism of the body for Pneumonitis treatment. Some herbs which can help in cough are fenugreek, eucalyptus, and peppermint. A tea made with the concoction of these three herbs and their oils helps in pneumonia recovery.

2. Difficulty in Breathing:

If a person is unable to breathe correctly, he is advised to take steam with the help of an oil infuser so that t cleans the airways and provides instant relief. A cup of coffee or tea can also help in clearing the lungs along with the medicines for pneumonia.

3. Chest pain

Chest pain is a severe symptom that provides a lot of discomfort to the patient. A person can even require an urgent hospitalization if the pain alleviates. A home remedy that works wonders is having a cup of ginger and turmeric tea. It helps provide more oxygen to the body and clears all the congestion in the throat and lungs.

4. Fever 

A patient complaining of fever is required to stay hydrated and have a cup of fenugreek tea, which can help bring down the temperature of the body.

Do Home remedies work?

The answer is ‘yes.’ Along with the medicine for pneumonia, natural herbs can help fight pneumonia altogether. They take time to show results but are highly effective.


It is essential to follow the advice of your doctor’s advice and take the help of rich herbal herbs that can altogether do wonders in the treatment of pneumonia. In case of severe symptoms, immediate consultation with a family physician is required. Do not depend on these herbs alone, and stop taking pills as prescribed by your doctor. A severe case of infection demands an emergency visit to a nearby hospital.

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