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Pros and Cons of a Weight Loss Supplement

It’s not a surprise that many people struggle with weight loss. In today’s time, people are looking to reduce their weight in whatever way that’s possible. Some go for weight loss diets, and some go as far as including different types of weight loss supplements in their daily meals.

Sellers of weight loss supplements such as protein powder, tablets, and nutritional bars claim that these weight loss supplements help you lose weight by reducing the absorption of carbohydrates by your body, thereby increasing the speed of your metabolism. Many of them, such as protein powder for weight loss, are expensive, and a few of them can be harmful to your body. They do have their advantages and disadvantages. 

What are the ingredients in a weight loss supplement? 

A weight loss supplement can contain many ingredients such as minerals, herbs, and fibers. All of these ingredients are present in weight loss supplements in different compositions and combinations. Weight loss supplements are sold in markets in the form of liquids, pills, and food items. 

Pros of Weight Loss Supplements 

A weight loss supplement would allow its consumer to reach their fitness and nutritional goals effectively. They have proven themselves to be useful over the years. Some advantages of using weight loss supplements are –


1. Health Improvement – Not only does protein powder for weight loss help you burn fats, but it also works towards improving your health. You will see a decrease in your blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure once you start consuming this type of weight loss supplement. One’s sensitivity to insulin is also increased by a weight loss supplement. Your overall health is improved, and your chances of developing serious illnesses would also be drastically reduced.

2. Works anytime – Weight loss supplements always work, whether you are resting or doing some activity. They are not like weight loss pills which increase your energy levels to burn more calories. Even when you are sleeping at night, weight loss supplements do not stop their job of burning down fat in your body. 

3. Suppression of Hunger – The best way to lose body weight is by eating less. If you drink more water, your appetite will be suppressed, but weight loss supplements can also help you with this. Weight loss supplements contain caffeine and other ingredients which are effective at suppressing down your hunger. 


Cons Of Weight Loss Supplements 

While there are a lot of advantages with the usage of weight loss supplements, like everything, they also have their issues. Some of the disadvantages of weight loss supplements are –


1. Metabolism Disruption – It is essential to maintain your metabolism to lose weight more effectively. Weight loss supplements like protein shake for weight loss or weight loss bars will do their job of suppressing your appetite so that you will consume less food, which means fewer calories. This is amazing for anyone looking to lose weight right away, but a reduction in calorie intake would end up slowing down a person’s metabolism. This would result in difficulties in losing weight at later stages even with the help of weight loss supplements because of the slow metabolism created by the intake of supplements in the first place.

2. Side Effects – Even though weight loss supplements are natural, you might experience things such as stomach pain and diarrhea as a side effect of using these supplements. Additionally, there is a chance that you might gain a lot of weight if you stop using weight loss supplements. You should always consult with your doctor or dietician before taking any kind of weight loss supplements as they can determine which ones are safe and harmful for your body 

3. High Price – Weight loss supplements are not cheap to purchase. They have a high cost. With the additional potential side effects, they might not be worth it for some people.

4. Safety Regulations – Prescribed medicines and many other drugs come under the regulations of the FDA; these are regulated by FDA with extreme caution. However, weight loss supplements do not have any kind of standards they have to meet, and they do not require the approval of the FDA to be sold in markets. Though they are still looked at by FDA after they have been released in the market, and if they are harmful or dangerous in any way, FDA directs the removal of the supplement from the market. Ephedra is a banned ingredient that used to be included in weight loss supplements back in the 1990s. In 2004, the FDA banned the inclusion of Ephedra in weight loss supplements as it was not safe for consumption. Ephedra is known for causing nausea, anxiety, vomiting, high blood pressure, strokes, seizure, mood changes, heart, and death.

5. Fraud Products – As FDA does not regulate the release of these products in the market, some companies try to fraud their customers through weight loss supplements. Some companies try to sell their products using tags such as ‘instant weight loss and ‘fat loss without diet or exercise’. These claims are too good to be true. Their products can end up being harmful or dangerous for anyone’s body. 


Popular Weight Loss Supplements and Pills


  • Green Tea Extract – Green tea extract contains EGCG, which helps in fat burning, especially in the belly area of the body.
  • Meratrim – This weight loss pill is new to the market. This pill reduces the amount of fat absorbed by cells in the bloodstream and helps cells to burn the stored fat in the body instead. 
  • Raspberry Ketones – These are responsible for breaking down fat in the body and also increase the hormones which are necessary for fat reduction in a body.  
  • Hydroxycut – This supplement contains ingredients such as caffeine and plant extracts which help with effective weight loss.
  • Forskolin –  It is an extract from the mint plant family. Forskolin works towards increasing the levels of cAMP, which helps in burning fat.


It is very important to consider the pros and cons of weight loss supplements before consuming them. They can help you reduce weight, but they come with their drawbacks. You have to indulge in other kinds of exercise as well while taking them to lose weight and maintain proper health.

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