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SGPT Test: Know Everything About Your Liver Health | Livlong

SGPT test means Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase which measures how healthy your liver is. This test indicates the amount of Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase (GPT) in blood serum. GPT is an enzyme that is commonly present in heart cells, kidneys, muscles, and the liver. SGPT is also called ALT (alanine aminotransferase) that your doctor recommends finding out a liver disease or liver injury due to any drugs.

sgpt test

The cost of an SGPT test is Rs. 150-Rs.400. The price may vary depending on your location.

Please check the price of the SGPT test in Delhi/NCR, your nearby centers and other details.

Test Summary

Also known as ALT or alkaline aminotransferase
Test Type Blood
SGPT test includes To check how well is your liver performing       
Preparation No special preparation is required
Reporting Within 24 hrs
Test price The cost of an SGPT test is Rs. 150-Rs.400. The price may vary depending on your location.
Also included in Health Insurance Plans
Related tests Complete blood count, SGOT, Ultrasound, glucose test, bilirubin test, albumin, total protein


Why is the SGPT or ALT Test Important?

This enzyme is commonly present in your liver. This enzyme may also be found in your kidneys and other organs, in smaller amounts. To break down food into energy, your body needs ALT. Normally; ALT levels in the blood are low. If your liver is injured or damaged, then more ALT will be released in your blood and levels will elevate. Your doctor may prescribe this test along with other liver tests.

Why Would My Doctor Order This Test?

Your doctor will suggest this test if you are experiencing various symptoms of liver disease or damage. These symptoms could be

  • Stomach pain or swelling
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Yellow skin or eyes (called jaundice)
  • Weakness
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Light-colored stool
  • Skin itching


Some other reasons for this test are

  • If you contact with the hepatitis virus
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Have a family history of liver disease
  • You are taking medications that can cause liver damage


Sometimes, doctors may recommend this test as a part of a regular exam. If you are suffering from liver diseases, then your doctor will suggest this test to see how well your treatment is working.

Preparation Before the Test

You don’t need any special preparation to perform this test. Your doctor might advise you not to eat or drink anything before the test. But if you are taking any medications or supplements, inform your doctor before the test. They may hamper the results of the test.

During the Procedure

  • You need to visit a lab or diagnostic center to perform this test.
  • An experienced nurse or lab technician will collect your sample, mainly from the vein of your upper hand.
  • After tying a band around the upper part of your arm, the technician will identify the vein from which he will collect the blood sample.  
  • He will clean the area by using an antiseptic and place a needle into your vein.
  • Your blood will be deposited into a vial or tube.
  • Once the sample is collected, the technician will remove the band as well as the needle.
  • He will place a bandage or gauze at the site to stop the bleeding.


The entire procedure will be completed within 5 minutes.

The Test Results

You will get your test results within a few hours or on the same day.

SGPT Test normal range can be between 7 to 55 units per liter (U/L). Men may have higher levels of ALT.

Slightly High ALT Levels May Be Caused By

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Cirrhosis (long-term damage and scarring of the liver)
  • Mononucleosis
  • Common medications like aspirin, statins, or sleep aids


Moderately High ALT Levels May Be Because Of

  • Chronic liver disease
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Cirrhosis
  • Blockage of the bile ducts
  • Heart attack or blockage (if your heart can’t pump enough blood to your body)
  • Kidney damage
  • Muscle injury
  • Damage to red blood cells
  •  Heart stroke
  • Too much vitamin A


Very High ALT Levels Can Be Caused By

  • Acute viral hepatitis
  • Overuse of drugs like acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  • Liver cancer
  • Sepsis


What are the reasons for ALT SGPT high?

The below-mentioned health conditions may be responsible for a high SGPT level

1. Acute viral hepatitis A and B
2. Hepatitis C
3. Celiac disease
4. Epstein-Barr virus
5. Diabetes
6. Heart attack
7. Obesity
8. Gallbladder inflammation

What are the symptoms of high SGPT?

The high SGPT level symptoms could be

1. Vomiting and nausea
2. Weakness
3. Fatigue
4. Leg inflammation
5. Shortness of breath
6. Excessive bleeding or bruising
7. Jaundice

If you are experiencing these symptoms, consult your doctor and go for an SGPT blood test which will evaluate your SGPT level.

How do you reduce your SGPT level?

To lessen the levels of SGPT, diet modifications are recommended. Include vitamin D foods like dairy items, soy milk, mushrooms, apples, eggs, tofu, dairy products, cod liver oil, and green leafy vegetables. You may consider walking or standing out in the sunlight for at least 20 minutes per day to get adequate vitamin D.

What other tests do you need to perform along with SGPT or ALT?

Along with SGPT or ALT, your doctor will recommend some other tests including

1. Bilirubin
2. Total Protein
3. Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH)
4. Albumin

Can Liv 52 reduce SGPT?

42 days of treatment orally with Liv. 52 extract (125 mg/kg) reduces the levels of serum markers SGOT, SGPT, and ALP.

Can I drink water before the SGPT test?

If the doctor recommends this test as a part of your metabolic panel (CMP), you need to fast for 10 to 12 hours before your CMP blood test. You can’t eat or drink anything other than water.

What is the danger level of SGPT and SGOT?

Test results more than 45 for women, and 50 for men are considered as dangerous levels of SGOT and SGPT tests.

What is the risk level of SGPT?

SGPT, also known as Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) is an enzyme that is produced in the liver, but when there is excess of this enzyme, it leaks in the bloodstream. Normal SGPT levels range is between 7 to 56 per liter of blood serum. Any reading beyond this normal range is considered a risk level of SGPT. A risk level of SGPT may lead to liver damage.

Does SGPT test need empty stomach?

There is no need to get an SGPT test on an empty stomach. No special preparations are required for this test. One can eat and drink before performing an SGPT test.

What does it mean if SGPT is high?

SGPT stands for Serum Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase. If the SGPT test results shows high level of SGPT, it is clear sign of a liver damage. Besides, it may also be taken as a sign of some other serious disease or even cancer.

How can I reduce SGPT level?

The best way to reduce SGPT levels in your body is by taking a diet rich in Vitamin D. Experts believe that Vitamin D helps to prevent liver damage, thereby it reduces the high SGPT levels.

Best Foods to reduce SGPT level?

Following foods will help to reduce SGPT levels because they are rich in Vitamin D:
1. Oysters
2. Mushrooms
3. Soy Milk
4. Oranges
5. Eggs
6. Tofu
7. Fortified Cereals
8. Cod Liver Oil
9. Dairy Products
10. Green Leafy Vegetables

What are the symptoms of high SGPT?

Some common symptoms that show your body has high SGPT levels are:

1. Heart Attack
2. Nausea
3. Vomiting
4. Pancreatitis
5. Muscle Injuries
6. Shortness of Breath
7. Drinking Excess Alcohol
8. Liver Damage

How SGPT test is done?

SGPT test, also known as ALT test is done to measure the levels of alanine aminotransferase. It is a blood test, where your blood sample will be taken through a Veni-puncture procedure. This is a procedure where blood sample is collected from a vein from the arm. The blood sample is then tested by lab experts to check the levels of ALT enzyme.

What are the best medicine for high SGPT and SGOT?

1. Vitamin D
2. Fruits and vegetables
3. Don't eat deep fried and junks
4. Regular exercise
5. Regular check-ups

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