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The Best Prevention Against Pneumonia

Kirti recently got up from pneumonia and realised how deadly of a disease it is. She has a son who is seven years old and was advised by the doctor to take care of him properly. Her husband is a regular smoker. To protect her family from the deadly disease, she wanted to take all the preventive measures, but she wasn’t sure what to do and what was best for her family. So she decided to contact her doctor, who treated her and helped her recover. After consulting him, she got all the information that saved her family.

This blog contains all the information advised by the doctor.

Why take preventive measures against pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a severe disease that takes a toll on the whole and affects your mental health. A person who is involved with pneumonia knows how much struggle it takes to return to everyday life. The body becomes weak, and the immune system is affected forever. Especially for small children, their body takes a lot in regaining the old weight and same health once they are involved.

Therefore taking preventive measures even before you get infected is very important as it makes your body fight any disease in the future. And even if you are affected, your body will not become as weak as it would typically have become.

About Pneumonia Vaccine

Pneumonia vaccines are a crucial step to protect oneself from pneumonia.

There are two types of vaccines available right now:

The pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, also called the PCV13, is suitable for babies who are very small, i.e., two years or younger than that. Adults who have chronic diseases can also opt for this vaccine.

Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine, also called the PPSV23: pneumonia vaccination for adults is meant for adults or senior citizens.

But before taking the vaccines, it is always advised to take your doctor’s suggestion as there might be some restrictions for some people.

Pneumonia Prevention

Eat a healthy diet: eating nutritious food and following a healthy lifestyle will protect you from getting affected by the disease. It makes your immunity strong and helps you fight any infection.

Don’t smoke: smoking can be your biggest enemy. Pneumonia affects people who smoke quickly, so stop smoking.

Yearly flu vaccine: take your yearly flu vaccine to stay away from any bacterial disease.

How To Prevent Pneumonia

If you are already affected with pneumonia which is mild in nature, here are a few things which you can try to feel better or relaxed at home itself.

Take steam or hot water bath: taking steam or a warm bath will help in opening your nasal blockage and allow your chest to spread a little, providing you with some relief.

Consult a good doctor: if you see your symptoms aren’t normal, like a cold or fever, always consult a good doctor for proper advice and proper treatment.

Consume hot food: consuming soups and hot porridge will relax your muscles and give you some relief in the throat.

Stay away from babies and older adults: babies and older people have a very weak immune system, so it is advised to stay away from them when you are affected as it will affect them very badly, and they can get hospitalised.

Cover your mouth while sneezing coughing: pneumonia is a contagious disease and can easily spread by touch. If you are affected, always cover your face while you sneeze or cough.


Pneumonia can easily be prevented if you take care of yourself properly. Choose a lifestyle that is good for you and your family. Make sure you live in a healthy environment and protect your children from all kinds of viruses. Even if one person is affected, keep them isolated and try to maintain a safe distance. Prevention is always better than cure, and it is advised to take preventive measures so that you don’t have to suffer in the future.


What are some preventive measures for pneumonia?

There are various preventive measures of pneumonia that you can easily take at home. Follow a proper lifestyle that is healthy. Choose your environment and protect it. Plant more trees in your area as it helps in clearing the air. Take flu vaccines. There are even vaccines for pneumonia now.

Are pneumonia preventive vaccines safe?

Yes. It is totally safe to take pneumonia vaccines as it helps in making your immune system strong and will allow your body to fight any disease that is there. It makes your body ready to fight germs and bacteria and reduces the power of bacteria. Even doctors advise their patients to take the pneumonia preventive vaccines as it is highly effective and help in preventing it.

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