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Here Are 6 Warning Signs Of Brain Tumor Causes

Gopal is a painter who is working in a private company in Ahmedabad. Since his work is mainly related to painting, he suffered from mood problems that affected his quality of life. As a result, he went to a nearby hospital for a health check-up. The medical report said that he is having the symptoms of a brain tumor and recommended immediate medical treatment. He is currently undergoing treatment as per the doctor’s advice.

Here Are 6 Warning Signs Of Brain Tumor Causes

Brain tumors can lead to various problems that require more care. It is important to know what are symptoms of a brain tumor in detail that will help prevent them effectively. The symptoms may vary from one person to another person that needs proper treatment. Moreover, identifying the brain tumor causes will provide methods to treat them significantly.

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What are the common Brain Tumor Causes?

A brain tumor is primarily caused by high exposure to radiation that can influence the lives of a person. Mutation or gene defect is another factor that results in the problem by inducing the growth of cancer cells.

What are the common Brain Tumor Causes

Family history also plays an important role in causing the condition that requires a medical check-up.

6 Common Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumor You Should Know About

Here we listed out the 6 Signs and Symptoms of a Brain Tumor as mentioned below:-

1. Seizures

Seizure is one of the signs of brain tumor that can occur in older adults. It can affect the behavior, movements, and feelings of a person to a large extent. Sometimes, seizures can lead to epilepsy and one should visit a hospital for further treatment. Since seizures will result in potential risks, it is important to control them effectively.

2. Sensory and Motor Loss 

A brain tumor can affect the motor functions which are responsible for movements and balance. Furthermore, it will weaken facial muscles that can lead to several problems including motor loss. Numbness can lead to loss of sensation or feeling in part of the body which results in major complications. Hence, one should keep an eye on them that will help control the symptom significantly. When a brain tumor occurs in the spinal cord, a person may experience loss of feeling or clumsiness.

3. Hearing and Vision Loss 

A tumor that occurs near the optical curve can cause blurry vision or double vision. At the same time, abnormal eye movements and other vision changes can appear depending on the size and location of a tumor. Those who suffer from hearing and vision loss should approach a hospital as soon as possible. This, in turn, gives ways to recover from them effectively. Anyone who suffers from brain tumor symptoms should consult with a physician to know the treatment procedure in detail.

4. Behavioral or Personality Changes 

A brain tumor can lead to behavioral or personality changes that can affect a person in various ways. It will result in thinking problems that can impact the memories. Some symptoms include poor concentration, confusion, low self-esteem, and difficulty in thinking. The condition may impact the cognitive abilities of a person who requires proper medical care. In most cases, a physician will detect the symptom through some exams.

5. Headaches 

Several factors will influence headaches that can lead to discomfort and other issues. On the other hand, a brain tumor may cause frequent headaches accompanied by vomiting and nausea. It occurs due to increased pressure of the skull and requires a scan and other medical procedures.

6. Drowsiness 

Drowsiness is the most common symptom of a tumor that makes a person exhausted even in sleep. Patients who have a brain tumor will face fatigue that is more severe than normal fatigue. A person who is having frequent fatigue should consult with a physician to fix the problem as early as possible.

How is a Brain Tumor Diagnosed?

A patient should undergo different types of diagnostic tests for a brain tumor that will help select a treatment accordingly. Physical exams are necessary to detect the signs of the brain tumor. Besides that, a physician will evaluate the past and present health conditions including surgeries and medical treatments. A biopsy test is necessary for brain tumor patients and they have to provide tumor tissue for sending it to a laboratory.

How is a Brain Tumor Diagnosed

Not only that, some imaging tests are necessary for detecting the condition with high accuracy. They include PETs, MRIs, and CTs which help a lot to determine the right type of treatment based on the conditions. Also, they show methods to identify where the tumor has started. Moreover, patients need a neurological exam when they face some changes in balance and metabolism. A spinal trap is another test meant for diagnosing the brain tumor symptoms that help solve them.

Top 3 Treatments for Brain Tumor

The treatments for brain tumors depend on the condition, type, size, location, and symptoms.

  1. Surgery: In most cases, a physician will suggest surgery to remove the tumor. At the same time, it requires more care to minimize the damage.
  2. Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy is another treatment meant for a brain tumor because it gives ways to destroy the cancer cells to a large extent.
  3. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is one of the treatments that will help prevent the growth of tumor cells to other parts of the body.


Some other treatments recommended to treat a brain tumor include immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and laser thermal ablation. It is wise to know the side effects of the treatments from different sources that give ways to overcome them efficiently. Physicians will examine the conditions of tumor patients and offer treatments based on them to get the desired outcomes.

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The Bottom Line

A brain tumor is a severe condition that can result in various problems. A person should know what is a brain tumor if he/she wants to prevent the symptoms. He/she must stay away from places that are having high radiation exposure. It is wise to follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce stress and other problems which will affect the brain. One should always follow some preventive measures to minimize health complications effectively. Tumor patients should undergo regular medical check-ups to track the symptoms and other conditions. This, in turn, provides methods to get protection from risks to live a trouble-free life.

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